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Posted by on February 25, 2014

I enlisted the help of two of my friends Katy Fisher and Julie Oates, who are a great real estate team here in Winston-Salem.  This time of year interesting and lovely homes pop up on the market.  They were kind enough to select a few that they found particularly interesting.

The first is a Buena Vista restoration project.  Located on over an acre on Georgia Avenue this home has the potential to have it all.  Katy added, “I love this house because it is essentially untouched but, it has all the charms of a 1920s house. Look at the walls in the dining room. I think it is hand painted or painted paper. And, it is on over an acre in BV. Hard to come by!” 

When you start to look at the pictures of the interior, Katy isn’t kidding about it being essentially untouched. The picture below is of the entry way,  I have a thing for vintage wallpaper.  I know some people see Laura Ashely but I see a nod to another time.  The carpet going up the stairs will absolutely have to be changed pronto (I wonder if there is a gorgeous wood under… I would bet yes) .

Without going inside it is hard to tell if the dining room as painted walls or hand painted paper.  Either way with the proper restoration to the walls/paper, also a fresh coat of paint on wood, new curtains, and a chandelier this could be divine.  
Finally, you need to see the panelling.  I know some people love it and some people hate it.  There is so much you can do with it.  Paint it any color, re-stain it, pickle it the options are endless.  
But do something… 
I love a project and this house listed by Leonard Ryden and Burr definitely is a PROJECT!!  I’ve been dreaming about all the amazing renovations (big and small) you could do to it and for $895,000 the opportunities are endless.  What is the first thing you would do to the home??
Be on the look out for more properties that Katy and Julie have pointed out!!
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