New Series Alert … Holiday Decorating with Shelley

Posted by on October 17, 2013

I met Shelley Holden at my college graduation. I had no idea I was meeting a life long friend in our brief encounter.  Shelley is mom to Joanna and Libby and wife to David.  She is always on the go, making Winston-Salem a better place to live with her prolific volunteering.  I’m thrilled to be able to call Shelley a friend and am so grateful that when I called her with this idea she didn’t hang up on me.  Shelley has graciously agreed to open her home to Dashing readers at each of the holidays.

Shelley can really decorate, what is so fun is that it is a family tradition.  She shared with me that her mom always decorated their home and now Shelley and her two girls decorate together.  The two little witches are from Shelley’s childhood.  They have the sweetest painted faces.

As I said it is now a family tradition and Shelley’s two girls Joanna and Libby take a big roll in decorating.  
In the dining room, Shelley told me the girls picked out the fabric for the napkins and worked on setting the table.  I think it must be in the genes because this table is fantastic!

When I walked up to Shelley’s home today, I was welcomed by gorgeous mums, plentiful pumpkins,  a very friendly ghost and spooky lighted trees.  I would be so excited if I were a kid to trick or treat here!

A few more vignettes to share with you.  
When I asked Shelley where she finds many of these decorating treasures she told me many were gifts and others she has collected over time.  She had a lot of storage so her collection can be saved every year.
Shelley told me it was Joanna’s idea to put the black boa on the mirror!  She is so creative. 

The Holden’s home is ready for Halloween! 
Their creativity is stunning.  Shelley also told me that some ideas come from pinterest. 
  So many ideas to get holiday decorating inspiration from.

Many, Many, thanks to Shelley and all of the Holden’s for letting me come in and see your amazing work.  Can’t wait to see what y’all do for Thanksgiving!

Dashing – xoxo


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