Krankie’s Airstream — Best Coffee in Winston-Salem

Posted by on August 19, 2013

I’m a Krankie’s Airstream fan, I even have a bumper sticker on my car.  Let me back up, I love coffee.  Have as long as I can remember.  Everyone knows this about me. I heart coffee.

This won’t surprise some of you but, before I roll into the line at Krankies I’ve already had good coffee.  I grind my beans just about every day. I often get my beans from the good folks at Krankies and the beans are never burned when they are roasted.  Most are, which is why (I think) most people put cream and sugar in their coffee.

Three years ago we moved into our home and literally I make one turn and I’m in the Krankie’s Airstream line.  Lead by the fantastic Tommy Priest, the group is always friendly and gracious.   I order just about the same drink three to four times a week.  A skim 16-oz latte. The staff  knows this as I am pulling up. There has been more than one time when the drink was ready for me as I rolled towards the window.  I can’t imagine how many people they do this for.  Plus, when Artemis is with me she gets a treat too!  Not much better.  Krankies makes my days so happy.

Krankies is so much more than just coffee (or lunch.. they have Camino’s sandwiches and other goodies… YUM!!) It is a great community partner for Winston-Salem.  Now their Coffee Park is a place where you can drink coffee with friends or meet a client in a less than formal spot.  All of the above and more are fabulous reasons for you to drive, walk, ride down to the airstream and get yourself one of the best cups of coffee you’ve ever had.

Dashing – xoxo


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