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Posted by on September 5, 2013

Cap•A•Cooz is the invention of my friends Matt Mayse, Tripp Regan, and  Adam Sebastian. Beginning in 2007 this trio has created the coozie that can do it all.  I remember being at their launch party all those years ago and thinking how great of an idea this is.  If you don’t know what the Cap•A•Cooz is, it is a drink insulator with an integrated bottle opener.  It is fabulous, I have given them for Christmas gifts, wedding shower gifts, and for our home.  We couldn’t get through the summer with out a Cap•A•Cooz.  Their product can now be found in retailers such as Urban Outfitters.  The success couldn’t happen to nicer guys.

image via Cap•A•Cooz

D: What has been the most creative custom job y’all have done so far, and why did it stand out?

CAC: They are all highly creative because we get personal with each custom order that comes in the door.  One that tends to stand out is the Todd Davis Memorial Golf Tournament, held in Raleigh.  We have done Cap•A•Cooz for them for the past 4 years, and each design is unique and different. We have also gotten pretty creative with our clients that come to us for special party favors for their wedding.  Perhaps the one that stands out the most though, is one that we are currently working on. We can not say a lot about it now, but it has a little something to do with a very popular song by the great Jimmy Buffett…..   

image via Cap•A•Cooz 

D:  How did Cap•A•Cooz come to be a reality?

CAC: Cap•A•Cooz came to be a reality by the simple, yet extremely hard task of, never giving up…  It might sounds cliche, but those that don’t give up on their dreams get to see them through.  Lots of hard work and determination by three creative minds can get you far, as long as you don’t let the nay-sayers and rationalist get in your way.  The idea really started as a dream by one of the three partners, and together they found ways to get over the next hurdle.  Lot’s of people have great; even brilliant ideas, but it is those that act on them and that don’t give up on them that reap the final reward… 

image via Cap•A•Coz

D: When you see a Cap•A•Cooz in some one’s hand , how do you feel?

CAC:  We feel motivated and a sense of gratification at the same time.  The cool factor quickly wares off, and you start thinking about the product. When you know all the ins and outs, you just get motivated to make it better or to create a totally new product.  It is a unique experience to say the least.  Kind of like a proud parent that just saw their child achieve something, but knows deep down there is still work to be done.

image via Cap•A•Cooz Facebook Page

D: When you started Cap•A•Cooz what was your dream for the product?
CAC:  We wanted to create an outlet for our imaginations and our creativity to run wild.  Often in your day to day life you are constrained for some reason or the next, but the creation of Cap•A•Cooz has allowed us to think of other ideas and products that might be outside the box.  We also wanted to create an identity or a brand that folks would appreciate and support.  

image via Cap•A•Cooz Facebook Page

D: what do you want people to know about CapACooz?

CAC: That back in 2007 when we first got started designing and making our first prototypes we were committed to manufacturing it locally and as sustainably as possible.  The economy had not yet crashed and everyone told us to go overseas with our manufacturing, but we knew back then that it was not the right thing to do.  Now the trend is to make it in the USA and support the economy and your local neighbors.  This was not a matter of reacting to the shitty economy or a trend for us, but more a matter of doing what was right.  Sure our Cap•A•Cooz is not the cheapest coozie on the market, but it was one of the vary few back then that was being made in the USA, with the majority being made right here in NC.  Consumers are finally realizing that they decide what they do and don’t buy.  We would rather produce locally a high quality coozie, that the smart consumer wants to buy, then to save a little money overseas to produce a piece of crap.  Also, TIME magazine featured our product for 15 Fantastic Gadgets for Father’s Day in 2011.

Many Many Thanks to the Cap•A•Cooz guys for taking the time to answer my questions!  Next time you open up a cold one, make sure you are popping the top with a Cap•A•Cooz.

Dashing – xoxo


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