Baby Fever

Posted by on July 25, 2013

OK so I’m happy to admit it, I have Baby Fever.  Not for myself mind you but watching Catherine and William show the world their baby George brought tears to my eyes. It is always so amazing to me that a couple goes to the hospital as two and leaves as three (or more) as a family.


 I am always amazed at the new items that companies come up with.  The stroller they showed today, the 4Moms Origami Stroller, on TV that you can charge your phone while walking, made me laugh out loud.  That is crazy right??


Well I love traditional children’s clothing.  McCall’s (336-723-9419) in Reynolda Village is my absolute favorite.  Here are some traditional clothes that I get excited about.

I adore Kissy Kissy.  I never knew this brand until I was given a day gown when I was pregnant with Nelson.  I didn’t know what to make of a day gown for a boy.  They are the best outfits for little boys.  It makes life so easy.  My advice to first time moms of boys is get day gowns,  they will make your day so much easier.    This sweet one with dinosaurs, it really perfect.  I love sweet designs that aren’t cheesy.  Its a hard to strike the right balance and this is right.

I’ve talked about Chez Ami before and I’ll tell you, this layette is precious.  I adore the work around the neck and your choices for monogramming or applique are too lovely to choose from.

Bella Bliss is a wonderful line that your children can wear into their tween years.  I love this line and both boys still have Bella Bliss pieces in their wardrobe.  
It makes me a little teary that I am no longer buying sweet clothes like these for the boys, now its all khaki shorts, polo shirts and gym clothes for my two rascals.
Dashing – xoxo


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