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A Sprinkle …

I have a great girl friend who didn’t want a shower for her second baby, just a little get together or a “sprinkle”.  It was just a few close friends, at the scrumptious 1703 Restaurant. We had to postpone it one day because of the snow, so we were all super excited to celebrate his impending birth the next night.   There is nothing better than celebrating a baby!!

The pretty flowers were done by Minglewood Flowers.  Terry and Marjorie are so talented.  I just told Terry what the nursery was going to look like and he created this arrangement. They even delivered the flowers to the restaurant for me.
 Love it!

The other hostess did these adorable cards with the sweetest questions.  I love this idea.  I really pondered, “I hope you learn……..”
(there is so much to learn in this world!!  Right??)
She is so creative.  I never would have thought to do that.  

Sweet cupcakes and a cake from Dewey’s with monograms and rattles.  A delicous way to end the meal.  
It was such a fun night to celebrate a sweet friend and child.  Sometimes it is the small, intimate occasions that remind us all of what is important.  A precious child is absolutely at the top of that list.
Dashing – xoxo

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