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Posted by on August 22, 2013

My Winston-Salem Style inaugural post was so well received, I decided to ask another friend. I am going to try to bring you different Winston-Salem trendsetters every other week.  This time I asked the incredibly kind Katy Fisher.  Katy is mom to Molly and Wyatt, wife to Matt, and friend to many. She always impresses me with her ensembles. 
Katy Fisher at home in maxi skirt and tank.  Her go-to outfit!
Also, please check out Wyatt in the window.

D: Your go-to outfit right now?
KF: This summer, I have been living in my maxi skirts.  They are so easy to wear and they are the perfect thing to throw on whether I am dressing it down with a tank or up with a silky top.  And, they just beg the excuse to wear some fun accessory, scarves, chunky necklace, bangle bracelets…  I bought a couple Nikibiki tank tops at Mainstream Boutique and they show the perfect amount of shoulder.  I like to have a more fitted top with a flowy maxi skirt to even out the proportion.  


D: Your favorite piece in your wardrobe?

KF:  That is tough.  I have some classic pieces that I have had for a long time.  I think it is important to invest in the classics.  A great power blazer, a crisp white shirt, wool trousers, and the red leather jacket that I got when I studied abroad in Italy.   I still have the first black leather purse that I bought with my own money.   I also have a Diane Von Furstenberg dress that I adore.  It always makes me happy when I wear it.  
Diane von Furstenberg New Julian Dress

Theory Lanai Leather-trimmed stretch-ponte blazer

Gap Oxford Shirt

D: Best local place to shop?
KF:  My sister is getting married soon so I have been shopping at Monkee’s to find dresses for the wedding party festivities.  I love how you can shop by color (orange is not my friend) and you just can’t be in a bad mood when you walk in the door there.  I found an Elizabeth McKay dress that I wore a few times this summer and I constantly get compliments on it.  I also love to pop in to H&M to buy something trendy that I know I will only wear for a season.  Neon “silk” blouse!  
D: Your Fashion Icon?

KF:  I admire and appreciate so many people’s fashion sense.  Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has been such a powerful and classy example of how to dress as a modern woman.  She has an amazing figure and she accentuates it without being provocative.  And, I just love a hat!  I wish I could pull one off.  Diane Von Furstenberg has been a great example of someone who understands women and she always seems to take something simple like a dress and make it extraordinary.  She isn’t ashamed of her age and  embraces color with attitude.  Honestly, my family are my greatest fashion teachers.  My grandmother, aunt and mother grew up in NYC and they are great examples of how to look fabulous at any age and for any amount of money.  It all comes down to what you love and what speaks to you.  If something makes you feel good then you are going to stand a little taller and be more confident.  And that really is what fashion is all about, looking and feeling your best.  
Katy with her lovely grandmother, mother, and sister.
D: Craziest trend you ever rocked?

KF: Craziest trend?  I have done so many!  Where is the fun if you don’t take a risk?   I know I’ll look back at pictures and laugh but, committing to and being confident in a trend is so much fun.  Crimped hair, hyper color shirts, Tretorn shoes with rolled up jeans, overalls – which I hear may be coming back?!, flannel shirts the first and second times, knee-length gaucho pants, the military and nautical look (which I never think goes out of style).  I was using a grey eye pencil in college as a lip pencil and filling in the color with a blush color because I just had to look like Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston on Friends.  Really, the things we do for fashion!

Some Extra Tibbit’s from Katy:
I think it takes time to grow into your style and I hope mine keeps evolving.  I love making a statement and staying true to a “look”.  I gravitate towards tailored looks but, I love to throw a touch of interest and fun into what I am wearing.  Growing up, I learned quickly that it is hard being a wallflower when you are tall and have big hair so I decided to stand out instead of fading into the background.  No one has ever called me dainty!  I love accessories.  It is a great way to add personality to your outfit that is either unexpected or just fun!  And, the best thing about accessories is that they can be a great piece of jewelry that caught your eye on a trip or just a colorful scarf that you bought on sale somewhere.  I also love a lipstick.  It can be the difference between looking put together or just “there”.  One should never underestimate the power of lipstick.  I am still searching for that one ideal shade.  Whenever I take the time to put an outfit together, I am instantly in a better mood.  It is my creative outlet to start my day.

In my experience especially around North Carolina, southern women have the uncanny ability to showcase their beauty without looking overdone.   So many of my friends that I admire don’t spend hours in the mirror every morning.  They know what looks good on their bodies and they showcase the positives. I appreciate women that don’t look perfect.  I think it adds to their southern charm!  

Thank you Thank you Thank you to Katy!!  What a treat for you to do Winston-Salem Style for me.  Your insight is amazing… I promise to try to get better at wearing lipstick 🙂
Dashing – xoxo


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