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Posted by on September 12, 2013

Winston-Salem Style has been so much fun to highlight different women around town,  my next stylish Winston-Salem resident is Erin Bonsall.  Mom to two adorable little girls, Reese and Sloan and wife to Rick, Erin has always striked me as having a great sense of personal style.  She works at Robinhood Pediatrics as a counselor.  I’m more than thrilled she agreed to answer my questions!!

Erin Bonsall …. please look through the door and see sweet Sloan

D: What is your go-to outfit right now?
EB: My current go-to outfit is a pair of white dressy shorts from J Crew paired with a fun top.  I like wearing stacked wedges or heels but you’ll only catch me in those if I’m not chasing my two girls around!  Most days my go-to outfit includes my Lululemon Shake & Break shorts and the Hustle & Bustle top.  I am really looking forward to wearing jeans, leggings and boots this fall!

Target Women’s Scoop Neck Chiffon Blouse

Towne and Reese Earring
Erin’s Tory Burch Wedges… similar through link
Lululemon Hustle & Bustle Tank Top
Lululemon Shake and Break Shorts
D: What is your favorite piece in your wardrobe?

EB: My favorite piece in my wardrobe would have to be my Burberry puffer jacket that I purchased while we lived in Chicago.  It is my favorite because I love the fit and it was the key to my survival during our brutal winter in Chicago!
Burberry Heritage Down-Filled Puffer image via Burberry

D: What is the best local place to shop?

EB: Monkee’s, the new Bevello, and the Loft for work pieces…I hate to admit it but I do most of my shopping online!
image via Reynolda Village
image via Saul Centers
D: Who are your fashion icons?

EB: My fashion icons are moms who manage to pull it together effortlessly and look good!  Those of us who are mothers know all too well how difficult it can be to get yourself dressed and together when you have little ones, so I am constantly amazed by those moms who do it and do it well.  If I had to pick someone famous it would be Jennifer Aniston.  She has managed to stay relevant without being too trendy.  She always looks sophisticated, classy, and elegant to me.
image via 

D: What is the craziest trend you ever rocked?

EB: Oh my…where do I begin?  I have certainly rocked my share of terrible trends (stretchy pants, silk neck scarves, etc) but I really try to refrain from being too trendy.  It has not ever worked for me so I try to invest in classic pieces that fit well.  It’s important to know your body and what is flattering on you.  Sometimes current trends are NOT flattering on anyone except supermodels!  It always look back with regret when I attempt to be trendy.
Many Many Thanks to Erin for answering these questions and letting us know a little more about you.  I too am always amazed at the moms who seem to roll out looking put together just like you.   Thanks again Erin!!
Dashing – xoxo


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