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Yummy!! Yummy!! Get to the Krispy Kreme in Clemmons….

During the week I travel the same five miles everyday.   I don’t venture off my beaten path.  I have made an exception… a great, tasty exception.  The new Krispy Kreme in Clemmons.

A couple of weeks ago I went to a blogger event and was so impressed. We’ve always been big Krispy Kreme fans in our home, but this was exciting and new. I was blown away by the new concept shop, and am recommending it as a place to go with your kids.

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Spring Break Pictures of Kiddos

I’m always amazed when I see my friend’s pictures of their children.  Their kiddos always seem to look like they have their act together and are paying attention. It looks like a professional has taken each one.  Hair is in place, shirt is tucked in, smile is perfect.  My pictures NEVER look like that 🙂  What am I doing wrong??  I was originally was going to do a post about all the spots we toured (and I still will closer to the summer…)  but now I think the greater question is why can’t my kids take a picture???

Here are some of the fantastic … pictures I took over Spring Break at the Outer Banks…

This is the best one in front of the shark tank at Roanoke Island…

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Snow Day Week!

I love a good snow day.  This week has proven to be a week to stay at home and enjoy the kiddos and our neighborhood friends. Tuesday was ridiculously fun.  It always it on Meadowbrook.  I know I probably sound like a broken record, but we really do always have a blast.

I know through out the city there are so many different neighborhoods that enjoy friends and fun the way we do.  I think it is one of the special things about Winston.  The memories we and our children are given by these fun days will never be forgotten.  I treasure them and keep them close.  One of my friends was telling me that where they lived a food truck came … How fun is that!!?!  Only in Winston.

It isn’t all rose colored glasses here though, please know I’m ready for Nelson to get back to school… who knows when that will be.


It isn’t all rose colored glasses here though,  I’m ready for Nelson to get back to school… who knows when that will be.  The one thing I do know, is it is cold today.  Too cold even to go outside which is a bummer.  I’d love one more good snow day.  But then can we let the ice melt on the streets and get our kids back to school??  I’m ready for that too!!


Dashing – xoxox

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Dining with Daphne…Food Truck Happiness

Daphne and I met up with kiddos in tow last Saturday to enjoy a beautiful day of eating from food trucks at Coffee Park.  It was packed full of people and the kids all had a blast.  It is one of my favorite things to do here in Winston-Salem.  If you haven’t been yet… Get there!!  You won’t be disappointed.  Kids/no kids it doesn’t matter.  Just get ready for some really good food and great conversations with your neighbors in Winston-Salem.


Rand at his personal favorite spot Mike and Mike’s Italian Ice.
This is a small just as an FYI

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Sunscreen for the Family

It is about that time for my crazy family to head to the beach.  I love nothing better than having no schedule for the day except drinking coffee on the back porch and playing in the sand.  Everything else we get to do is just gravy.  My youngest Rand, burns if he is in the sun too long and my oldest son Nelson, is in the sun all day long.  So this means I need a serious sunscreen for my boys.  What I have found for them is using a cream for face, upper ears and shoulders and a spray for the body.  It seems to work well and we haven’t had any burns yet.  Below are my best bets for sunscreen.


California Baby Sunscreen plus the Neutrogena wet skin kids is my favorite combination.  I have to apply the California Baby once for every two times I apply the Neutrogena but it works and my kids stay safe.

A friend of mine was just raving about Sun Bum sunscreen the other day.  The company just began in 2010 but is serious about sunscreen and has also been tested and approved by the The Skin Cancer Foundation. To me that seems like a great vote of confidence 🙂

These are my back ups…  Honest Sunscreen  and Copperstone Kids.  Same combo as the California Baby and Neutrogena.  Great products, I’ve just been with California Baby since Nelson was a baby and I’m loyal to the product.  If I can’t find it, I go with Honest Sunscreen and my boys love it.

I’d love to know what do you do for sunscreen?  Am I missing the boat?  Is there another out there I need to know about?  Please let me know!!

Dashing – xoxox