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Posted by on August 18, 2013

Hello Friends!  Wow what a busy week this is going to be for so many of us.  School starts back  a week from now and we are in count down mode.  I don’t know who is more excited??  Me or Nelson?? Its a tough call.

Now onto my newest Online Obsession… Olioboard

 I told you all on Friday that I was at the beach with our mothers and the boys, well the last night there I excused myself and went up to bed early.  I hopped on the internet and started playing around.  I reintroduced myself to Olioboard.  For those of you that don’t know Olioboard is a website launched for interior designers and enthusiasts alike to create 2D and 3D room designs with real furniture, lighting, accessories, and more.  To me it is a wonderful tool for those who are looking to redo a room, looking for a specific piece of lighting or furnishings, or just likes to escape to designing a non-existent room in your home.

What is really fun about this site??  There is always a design contest.  Currently, Land of Nod is giving away three gift cards that totally $1000.  So what is a girl to do with kids sleeping, moms downstairs chatting, and I’m tucked in bed??  Why not create a board…??  A girl’s nursery.  No I’m not pregnant.  BUT, I do love little girls stuff.  It is so sweet and their is a certain shade of pink that I’m obsessed with.  Also, who wouldn’t love to win $333 gift card??  Christmas is right around the corner. Anyway,  the only caveat was that I had to use at least  five Land of Nod products, easy right!  FUN YES!!

Olioboard has so many great features, my favorite is the Shop.  The search features within shop are second to none.  Here you can find products from many different products.  First you choose the room, then you pick the piece of furniture (above is side tables), then you choose price options, brand, and finally color.  These options will narrow down your choices quickly and easily.  There are thousands upon thousands of end tables out there, this will cut down the amount of time you spend online looking for your piece.

The final piece of Olioboard I wanted to show you was the “Add to Olioboard” button you can add to your bookmarks bar.  If you are redecorating or cataloging furniture for the future and want to see how different pieces would fit, the Add button is much like the Pinterest button.  Easily adding to your sets.

I know none of us need another reason to be online, but on a rainy day when you are catching up on the Real Housewives,  create an Olioboard at the same time.  Maybe even win a contest… I hope you enjoy Olioboard!

Dashing – xoxo


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