Still at JC Penney’s… Now onto Martha Celebrations

Posted by on August 6, 2013

Who knew that JC Penney’s was going to be so much fun?  After I delved into all the fun that the Happy Chic collection had to offer I perused over to Martha Celebrations to see what goodies she had in store for me.  Launching also back in the Spring, this collection had some buzz around it.  Not only because of the products but also because Martha had gotten into lawsuit with Macy’s over her product placements.  All has been resolved, yay!

What I wasn’t expecting, is feeling like I was in a higher end stationery store.  Besides the paper products for parties there was an adorable selection of cards and wrapping supplies.
Martha has once again thought of everything here.  Each paper has correlating bags with accessories for your packages.  Each collection is thoughtfully curated so you could have a completely coordinated set of wrapped gifts.  I’m dying to see what she comes out with around the holidays!  

The cards follow suit and you can find a card to match your perfected wrapped present!
I was immediately drawn to this classic bow plate, part of the Cotton Candy Collection. 
  Wouldn’t it be perfect for a girls baby shower, wedding shower, birthday party??  
There are so many options!

All summer long I have been seeing Pinterest party ideas with these retro looking straws and have been wondering, “where could I buy them?”  Well now I know!  Martha has created a lot of options but I am crushing over the one below because it reminds me that we still have a few weeks of summer left!
Aren’t they so tropical fun??  I feel like having a drink with this straw might imply that I’m going to Hawaii or some Paradise location!

Finally because Martha Stewart and her team think of everything, there is even a candy wall!  Fun for weddings and other parties candies are always a crowd pleaser for your guests party favors.
I can’t stress enough how happily surprised I was in JC Penney’s. 
 It was a whole new experience, this isn’t the same store we grew up with as kids!  
Dashing – xoxo


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