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This is my first Posting

Hello All Winston-Salem Friends,
I’ve been home with shingles for a week and have been trying to keep up with children’s clothing shows, women’s clothing shows and other things going on around Winston. I get the emails, I see the Facebook Posts but I thought, wouldn’t it be so much easier if it was all in one spot? (and I’m one of the posters and feel like I’m annoying my friends some times) So what I’m trying to create is a calendar. I’m opening it up to anyone that sells something. Children’s clothing, real estate agents, artists, whatever.
I know some of you might be concerned about safety. Since many of these shows are done out of private homes, I would recommend just giving your cell number or email to me and the dates with some photos or a website. I will actively work at keeping the calendar up todate.
Let me know what you are thinking and if you want to be added… still working on a calendar right now.
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