Posted by on August 27, 2011

In my personal quest to find all kinds of amazing things you can buy 
 right here in Winston-Salem, I bring your HaladaMade.  This Etsy site was created by my creative high school classmate Mary Morris Rogers right here in Winston-Salem.  

Currently I’m obsessed with her fingerless mittens.    I love them!!  The ones I have always seen looked like they were for athletes or tree cutters.  These are pretty and girlie.  I love the buttons and color combo.  Yum!!

Also it is back to school so maybe if you aren’t ready for mittens quite yet check out the adorable push pins she has as well.  They come in different color options and get me motivated to be organized!!  So check out her website and tell her I sent you.  
Email Mary @ m.frances.morris@gmail.com

Remember there is lots of shopping to do right here in Winston-Salem.

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