Traveling out of the Dash for the Weekend… Night out in Charleston

Posted by on September 8, 2013

We packed our bags this weekend to take a mini-vaca to Isle of Palms to visit with my closest group of girl friends and their families from college.  Friday night we had an adults night in close by Charleston. That means nine kiddos from seven (being Nelson) to a nine month old (Donna) were being watched by three babysitters and we were off to have a night on the town.

First stop was a great place called Henry’s House.  We went to the roof top bar and each had a drink  before we went on to dinner.

image via Henry’s House Charleston, S.C.

 My friend Whitney ordered the crunchy fried shrimp with the Thai sauce and it was really good.  The Thai sauce had a great kick to it.

image via Henry’s House Charleston, S.C.

It was the perfect way to start our evening… The atmosphere was awesome, super laid back with lights strung from pole to pole. We could see out into Charleston and all of the people walking on the street.  I was obsessed with this magnolia tree.  How cool is it the way it is growing?  I loved it.  I had to take a close up to so you could see how pretty the blossom was.

Well it was then on to Anson Restaurant, which we could see from Henry’s, perfect so that we would be on time for our reservation.

Anson is known for their hand milled grits and fine food.  Our friends Anna and Clay had taken the role of researching a restaurant to try and they decided on this one.  I was excited to see what Anson had to offer.

Anna and Clay 

As we entered into Anson’s I was captivated first by their amazing decor.  It was dark and stylish with super cool driftwood chandeliers throughout the second floor.

Once we were seated, we were thrilled to find out that it was Charleston Restaurant Week.  Bain and I jumped at the opportunity to try signature dishes and dessert.  Yum!! Sign us up.  

Bain had the Red Wine Braised Chuck Roast and devoured it.  I thought it was odd to have Chuck Roast on a 90 degree day in September but he let me have a bite and it was amazing!!

I had the shrimp and grits. Going with the classic but they are known for their grits and we were in Charleston so I just went with it. So glad I did.  They were scrumptious!

I forgot to take a picture of the Creme Brulee but please take my word for it that it was amazing!  I loved it.

It was a wonderful dinner where we laughed until we cried, celebrated our friend Doug’s birthday and Anna and Clay’s engagement.  There is nothing like hanging out with old friends.  It took me back and I feel so incredibly blessed.

Reality all hit us a little hard on Saturday morning when the kiddos were wide awake at seven a.m. but, Saturday turned into a ton of fun as well.  As we drove back to Winston-Salem on Sunday, I kept getting texts and pictures of our weekend and have to share this one.  Its my favorite, I wish Whitney and Reggie were in it, but all the kids were present.  What a great group.

** HUGE Thanks to Hope and Tripp for hosting us and of course to Mr. and Mrs. Parrish (Hope great parents) for letting us use their home.

Dashing – xoxo

all images via Dashing Through Winston-Salem unless noted


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