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Spring Break Pictures of Kiddos

I’m always amazed when I see my friend’s pictures of their children.  Their kiddos always seem to look like they have their act together and are paying attention. It looks like a professional has taken each one.  Hair is in place, shirt is tucked in, smile is perfect.  My pictures NEVER look like that 🙂  What am I doing wrong??  I was originally was going to do a post about all the spots we toured (and I still will closer to the summer…)  but now I think the greater question is why can’t my kids take a picture???

Here are some of the fantastic … pictures I took over Spring Break at the Outer Banks…

This is the best one in front of the shark tank at Roanoke Island…

Closed eyes… visor to the side.. there is so much here
The only picture I’m in the whole trip… Rand has a thing about striking a pose for each picture.
Example 2 of said arm flailing by Rand
This is the best one of all the pictures folks and I’m pretty sure it is only because we are at the top of a lighthouse …

Finally… let me say it isn’t just Spring Break where the pictures are hilarious… Easter Morning had some dooseys  too

He had a thing for flailing, his eyes shut, and keeping his mouth open… for sure

Kids are so funny and these two jokesters keep me on my toes… all I can say is at least they are cute 🙂  How about you?  Do your kids take great pictures?  Do you have a trick for getting great pictures out of your kids?  Let me know…

Dashing – xoxox

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