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Posted by on September 23, 2013

You might have noticed last week there weren’t any posts Thursday or Friday… its because I was a slacker.  When I got to Detroit I had high hopes of making it to Detroit Institute of Arts and posting about it but I was slammed with the Fall Leadership Conference for Association of Junior Leagues International.  I am more than proud to have represented the Junior League of Winston-Salem.  It was a fabulous event where we got to learn best practices, leadership training, and meeting with the other Junior League leadership members especially from North Carolina.  They are all very special women.

Detroit calls itself the comeback city and I’ve told everyone who listens that I believe it will.  The people that are there are determined to see their city thrive again.  They are tough people with an incredible spirit of survival.
 I had the great opportunity on Saturday morning to go to the Eastern Market to see the great work that Fair Food Network is doing with its program, Double Up Food Bucks
 In short, Double Up Food Bucks is a fantastic idea for getting healthier eating for lower income individuals.  All over Michigan this is taking place at farmers markets and now some grocery stores.  An example is the iconic Eastern Market.
 When the participant goes into the welcome center and says they want to purchase from the market they get special coins worth X amount, if you want to participate in the Double Up Food Bucks you get Double X.    For example, you tell the attendant you want $20 off of your SNAP card to shop in the market you get $40 if you are participating in the Double UP Food Buck program.  How can you participate you ask?  The items bought must be Michigan grown produce. The farmers are winning and the SNAP beneficiaries are winning too.  
I was blown away when I was listening to the founder or Fair Food Network, Dr. Oran Hesterman explain the program.  It was so encouraging when he also told us that he is consulting with other programs across the country.  I hope that this program is adopted throughout the country and especially here in Winston-Salem.  There are too many families that are hungry currently in this city and across the country, this could be a tool to help with the hunger problem.  
It was an inspiring few hours that I will always take with me.
Detroit was an amazing learning experience that I am so grateful for the Junior League of Winston-Salem for the learning experience.
Dashing – xoxo


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