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Posted by on April 28, 2014

The website was down for a few days which was terrible and I’m so sorry to my readers!!  Ugh… it is really frustrating.  I hope y’all enjoy a week of really fun posts!!  Starting with Julia Chandler’s next installment of Moose Mixology!!


This is another great post by my friend Julia Chandler of Julia’s Takeaway Gourmet and Catering… Enjoy!!!:

A simple question with a classic answer, have you guessed it? I’m a cocktail napkin!

I thought it was time to pay homage once again to something we all either have, have given, and have often had a good laugh over, the classic cocktail napkin. Seriously- we all have a basket of them tucked away somewhere, right? I have plenty of them, but when I see one that makes me laugh, really laugh out loud by myself in a store, I know I should throw it in my buggy. This happened the other day at Southern Home and Kitchen when I read this: “Insanity runs in my family. It practically gallops.” F.U.N.N.Y.

Speaking of napkins, did you know one of the first napkins was actually a lump of dough Spartans used to wipe the hands after eating? Pretty clever, if you’re like me and can dip bread in everything! Then the Romans had a handkerchief like napkin called a Sudarium they used for blotting their brow in the warm Mediterranean climate. Since the Middle Ages and after the napkin has evolved, but it still takes its roots and placement on the left to it’s development in history over time. This is pretty fascinating for a simple item we still use every day. And if you think about it, a napkin can’t be changed much, or improved upon a lot, and is one of the few things that can’t go “digital” except for the purchase of them. And to think most of us can’t live without them.


So, if you’re using cocktail napkins to keep your hands dry as your sweet mint tea cools you in the summer sun, or to blot your lips after a yummy nibble at a cocktail party, or placing them on the bar it at your next party for function and humor, don’t underestimate the laughs they bring. I hope you enjoy some of cocktail napkins below (credits to GOOGLE images) and click here for a post I did last year for more cocktail napkin fun. Go mix up some fun and cheers to you and yours!



Julia’s Takeaway Gourmet’s Info:

Julia Chandler


Dashing – xoxox



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