Snow Ice Cream…

Posted by on February 12, 2014

As we prepare for the next snow storm of the season here down south, I looked up the most popular recipe for Snow Ice Cream online.  Below is what I found from Paula Deen on the Food Network.  I am also thinking of adding some cinnamon or chocolate. Add a moon pie or a B&G pie  to the ice cream and I think that could be heaven!  Enjoy the snow and this little snack.

Snow Ice Cream

Recipe courtesy Paula Deen


Paula’s Party


Paula’s Favorite Foods

Total Time:

5 min


5 min

Yield:8 to 10 servings



Dairy Dessert Homemade Ice Cream


8 cups snow, or shaved ice

1 (14-ounce) can sweetened condensed milk

1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Place snow or shaved ice into a large bowl. Pour condensed milk over and add vanilla. Mix to combine. Serve immediately in bowls.

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