High Point Market Crush … Kelly Wearstler

Posted by on June 4, 2015

I’m sure that you have heard of Kelly Wearstler but incase you don’t know who she is I thought I would introduce you to the Myrtle Beach native now California design guru.  She has a line of just about everything from furniture to a book to lighting to tabletop, in the world of interior design she does it all — Her Way!

Kelly Wearstler via Kelly Wearstler

This past spring at High Point Furniture Market she had her first collection with EJ Victor.  She had my absolute favorite new piece of furniture.  It was this bar.  It is a great example of mixing glamour, rich jewelry like accents with mid century cool.  The legs were the same dark burned brass, all in all I’ve never seen anything just like it.

Kelly Wearstler’s Bar from EJ Victor’s Showroom

Close up of the jewelry like handles

The whole showroom at EJ Victor was a great mix of rich jeweled decor sprinkled in with easily livable pieces.  This is a completely different look than I usually am drawn to.  Often mid century looks uncomfortable to me or even cold but Kelly’s ease at design shines here as the pieces look livable, not just for the “furniture runway.”   This is a hard feat even with the best fabrics/finishes.  I’m excited to see what she has up her sleeve for the fall market.

image via Architectural Digest


Dashing – xoxox


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