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Posted by on January 28, 2014

Bain and I have been in a supper club of some sort for almost ten years.  They have morphed as we all got married, had kids, and lives changed in general.  I always look forward to the evening and was excited to be able to host the fun group this past weekend.  The hardest part of supper club is what to have for dinner.  Will it be take out?  Will I cook something?  Depends on the week.

This week it has been ridiculously cold and so I decided to cook.  I felt warmer just thinking about it.  I started to ask for suggestions and got some great ones including the idea of Chicken Curry.  I almost did it too except I had a friend with an allergy that precluded me from it.  So I went to my bookshelves and started to scour though my cookbooks.


I love a good cookbook with fantastic pictures to let me know I’m on the right path, a great story, and meaningful definitions.   I can get lost in a good one.  That is what happened to me Tuesday afternoon.  I reopened one of my favorites, Alex Hitz‘s  My Beverly Hills Kitchen, and started to re read some amazing recipes and his captivating stories.   I have had the pleasure to meet him and will have to write a post on just that experience because he was beyond lovely.

Back to finding a recipe,  I stumbled upon his “Beef Bourguignon.”  It sounded warm and delicious.  Alex’s version is a little bit different than traditional bourguignon.  He has added fresh basil, parmesan, and dijon mustard.  Think of it as a deliciously rich stew.

Plus it looked like something I could  make on Friday when the party was on Saturday.  PERFECT!!  I love a theme so with the “Beef Bourguignon” came my theme of comfort foods.  I was so excited to get started.

 cheese plate and mac and cheese bits
a fresh salad with homemade ranch and/or bacon and ranch 
(made my our co-host.. delicious)
Beef Bourgignon
Homemade Moonpies from Garden and Gun Magazine
Chocolate Chip cookies
On Friday I started cooking!  First up was the Beef Bourgignon
the beef I’m attempting to brown and the liquid beginning to heat up.
tomato paste, onion, and garlic ready for the liquid
amazing flavors coming together.. I wish you could smell over the computer.  
My home smelled wonderful.
I let it cool and then put in in the refrigerator.  Saturday I got it out and reheated it slowly.  The crowd seemed to enjoy it immensely.
Next up to cook was the Homemade MoonPies

This recipe I found in Garden and Gun Magazine.  G&G is an incredibly interesting magazine that both Bain and I enjoy.  Which is not too common for us.  From cooking, to bars around the south, to hunting G&G has something for everyone in our home.  When I saw the recipe for Homemade MoonPies I knew I was going to have to try it.

It was time intensive but my attendees on Saturday seemed thrilled with the results.
The cookies cooling
part of the marshmallow filling
the MoonPies drying…  mine were not as pretty as shown but they did taste 
pretty divine if I do say so.
I’m sorry I didn’t  take pictures of everything plated but we were having such a good time that I forgot.  Ugh… 
Happy Week everyone and as always thank you so much for reading!!!
Dashing – xoxox


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