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Desk Organization Wants…

My sweet in laws were kind enough to give Bain and I a new desktop for Christmas.  All we had to do was pick it out.  We kept thinking that we would get a PC because everyone had told us how much better they have gotten, easy to use, and most have a touch screen.  So off we went looking for the magical new PCs.  Well Bain and I just couldn’t do it.  We got another MAC.   I’m obsessed with it.  It’s screen is huge and I love sitting at a desk.  Added bonus little hands can’t carry the computer away.

It also got me thinking that my desk is kinda boring.  I’ve made up a mood board of my favorite desk items.  They come from some of my fave online stores.  Dovecote Decor, Waiting on Martha, Zhush, and Furbish Studio.  {DD and Furbish I have featured… will do something on Waiting on Martha and Zhush.. }Click through to see where each item comes from.

Tell me which are your faves?  January is a good time to organize and spruce up your desk, do you have a fave desk accessory that I need to know about??  Please tell me…  I’d love to know.
Desk Organization


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