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Holiday Decorating Series // Melissa Lewis

The fantastic holiday decorating tips keep coming this week!  The next one is from a friend of mine, Melissa Lewis.  Melissa is a talented interior designer in town and owner of her own firm, MKL Designs.  Melissa has a great tip for the busy person this holiday season. 

MKL: “When decorating your house for the holiday , I have made my standard… MIXING YOUR GREENS…Fraser fur, boxwood and magnolia or holly are some of my favorites.  It can be a wreath, mantle or outside garland whatever one desires
Also, if you are traveling a lot over the holiday and you just cannot keep fresh greenery alive, working mom or just too tired … you can always started with an artificial garland and add a little bit a fresh greenery and no one will every know the difference!…   Merry Christmas and Happy New year!”

Here are some great examples: 

Can you guess which have faux garland and which don’t??

Melissa’s info:
Melissa Lewis
MKL Designs
Many Many Many thanks to Melissa!!
xoxo – Dashing
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