Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler at JCPenney’s

Posted by on August 5, 2013

Coming home from the beach is always hard because reality seems to really slap you in the face.  I had so much fun with such a special group of gals.  It was a great time!! But today back to being a mom 🙂

 Nelson had a birthday party this afternoon so I had two hours to myself, what is a girl to do?  A little shopping is good for the soul.  So I took myself to the mall.

This is my disclaimer, I do not love our mall.  We don’t have a J.Crew or Anthropologie. There are always crowds and I never seem to find what I am looking for but that all being said, I went today in search of the Happy Chic collection by Jonathan Adler.  Launching back in the Spring, JC Penney’s had taken the super successful Target model of bringing in high end designers and creating a boutique of sorts within the store.


  For those of you not familiar with Jonathan Adler, I’ll give you the skinny on him.  He is a interior designer extraordinaire.  Launching his first pottery collection at Barneys in 1994 he now has his own twenty six shops throughout the USA.  He takes mid-century pieces  infuses pop culture and color creating iconic classic pieces all of his own.  He has written multiple books, furniture line, decorative items, gifts, candles, bedding, bath items, and more!  His pillows are a personal favorite of mine.

His main collection is super fun, yet many of the pieces are classic enough that infusing them into your home adds a bit of pizzazz to any room!

As you can see there isn’t much hip about our local JCP so I was a little skeptical as 
to what I was going to find.

I was delightfully surprised to find our local Happy Chic Shop looking well … so stylish.  
Its like a whole new JC Penney’s inside.

This inviting boutique within the store got me excited to check out the colorful selection of bedding, pillow, lamps, furnishings and other gift items.  Isn’t it really chichi??
 It makes me think differently of JCP!

I love when you go in a shop and pieces are styled.  There seems to be a real effort in the Happy Chic section to escape from the madness of the mall and enter the tranquil feeling of shopping at a high end furnishings shop.  

I love this bedding set with the pillows!  How happy is this combination??  If I had a teenager or if I was going to college I would be all over this set from the headboard, to the puffs at the end it is all precious and so happy!! 

There were so many pieces that I liked but I thought I would highlight my absolute favorites!  
I have a thing for bookends. Classic or whimsical I love them all. These owls are precious to me and currently I’m trying to figure out where they could live in my house.  The craziest part about them is that they retail for $42.00.  Such a good price!!

I adore Greek key anything, so these navy frames are right up my alley.  
They retail for $18.00 each.  Crazy right?
Finally, I mentioned it bedroom vignette before but the Crescent Heights Night Stand (on sale for $349), has lacquer swank. One of the biggest trends in home furnishings currently, this is a STEAL of a price and a bigger STEAL because it is so on trend.  I’ve also fallen for the lovely lamp and merry frame.
I told you I love greek key and here is his version of everyday china.
Finally, I didn’t get a great picture of a couple of the big pieces of furniture but wanted you to see the mid-century decadence of a couple pieces I saw today.  Navy is seen everywhere from fashion to interiors this summer.  The Minimalist Crescent Heights Chair is just so sharp.  Pair it with your favorite pillow to have even more impact.  Also, did I mention the price???  
It is currently on sale for $1015.  These prices are blowing my mind. 
The last item I wanted to highlight was the Bleeker 63″ TV cabinet.  
Calling Don Draper your media cabinet is at JCPenney’s.  This is mid-century designed perfectly and with the sale price of $715 what isn’t to love or lust??

This was on the wall and I thought it was the perfect way to end this post.  It applies to all of these fabulous pieces created by Jonathan Adler and positively to life!  A perfect way to start the week!!
Dashing – xoxo


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