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Dashing Fav… Buck O’Hairen’s Legendary Sunshine

Last summer I was at the beach when my friends, Britt Parrish and Anne Dunn, introduced me to a new drink.  Britt and her husband Joe, along with Chris (Anne’s husband) as well as Keith Vest and others at the Variable had created Buck O’Hairen’s Legendary Sunshine drink.  After a big night, Anne handed me a Sunshine the following morning.  As I sipped it on the beach,  I thought it tasted great and I got a pep in my step. What was this drink that my friends had created?  I was curious.  I asked Britt if she would answer a couple of questions and she was nice enough to do so.
Dashing through WS (D): What prompted y’all to start Sunshine?

Britt Parrish (BP): Everyone always says that the beverage industry is all marketing. Make a drink, put a label on it, and whomever markets it the best, wins. That’s what we feel like we can do better than most, is market things. We tell our clients everyday to “trust us.” “This campaign will work,” we tell them. “It will increase your sales,” we assure them. We figured it was time to put our money where our mouth was take our own advice. Additionally, we saw a bit of a hole in the marketplace. Gatorade was spending money telling everyone about electrolytes and hydration and Red Bull was spending money talking about energy, but no one was talking about the combination of the two.

(D): What is the most important thing for someone to know about Sunshine if they have never tried it?

(BP): Sunshine is not for extreme athletes. It is not for people who want to jump from the edge of space. Rather, it for someone who wants to jumpstart their morning or afternoon. It has the electrolytes of a big sports drink, the caffeine of a small cup of coffee and the stomach soothing properties of real ginger. It won’t make you jittery like a traditional energy drink…but it will give you a little kick-in-the-pants.
(D): Where can you find Sunshine?
(BP): The best way to find Sunshine is to go onto our Facebook page and use the locator to find the location nearest you. We are in all of the 4Brothers convenience stores and in several Quality Mart convenience store. Additionally, we are in lots of other places like DiamondBack and Perk&Provision and Krankie’s, etc.
(D): What has been the biggest surprise since y’all have started Sunshine?

(BP): I think the biggest surprise has been people’s reactions to the taste. Taste is so subjective. We went through SO many flavor variations and profiles before landing on Ginger Berry. It was crazy. We all finally agreed that we loved it. But the only way to know if anyone else would, was to order a WHOLE lot of it, and get it into people’s hands. The response has been overwhelming. We do lots of samplings at convenience stores and grocery stores, and when people try it their eyes light up. They’re expecting it to taste like Red Bull (medicine) and are delighted when it tastes like something, well, delicious.

(D): What is your favorite way to drink Sunshine?

(BP): We have lots of favorite ways to drink Sunshine. After a workout, it’s a great refresher. In the morning, it’s a great alternative to coffee. At night, it is delicious with vodka or gin (or…if you mix Sunshine with moonshine, you get a drink we call The Eclipse…and it’s great.) Following those drinks, it is almost magical if you’re a little hungover. If you’re a little cloudy-headed, and you drink a cold, bubbly Sunshine, you will feel great shortly thereafter. As we like to say, it clears the clouds.


Many Many Thanks to Britt for answering my questions.  If you haven’t tried Sunshine yet … do!  I have also had it with vodka and thought it was a great light drink.  A perfect alternative to my typical vodka soda.  I’m excited to try The Eclipse — Moonshine + Sunshine = 2 Dashing Favs!  Its exciting to see how much success the Sunshine folks have had so far, I wish them continued success.

Dashing – xoxo
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