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Posted by on July 24, 2013

It is hot here in Winston right now, but it is never too hot for a good looking scarf.  I’m not going to lie, I love a scarf.  I wear them all the time, in every kind of weather.  Right now I’m wearing one with a tank top.  I just think scarfs complete an outfit. Sorry for the horrible selfie (lots of bloggers do it, so I thought I’d try it but it seems a little silly now)

Let’s first start with the rock star of all scarves, the Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf.  It comes in many different viarietes and has been seen on many celebrities, such as Nicole Richie and Kim Kardashian.  Worn with pride this scarf automatically makes your outfit tres chic!

via Net-a-Porter 
Second, lets look at the most classic of all scarves, the Hermes scarf.  I picked the Chevaux de Karnac.  If you are going to talk about Hermes you would be remiss if you didn’t the equestrian influence in the Fashion House.  This 90 scarf is made of silk jersey and would be a true bright spot to add to your wardrobe.  
via Hermes
OK now that I’ve pretended that I have no budget, lets look at some other fabulous scarves.
I stummbled upon this intensly gorgeous Water Lily Infinity Scarf from Anthropologie.  An infitity scarf is a scarf that is a big circle, hence the infinity.  It looks as if the color was painted on this scarf.  The bright colors would had a certain punch of color to any oufit.  I’m currently obsessed with it.  (PS – In the HIGHLY off chance that someone from Anthropologie is reading this… READ THEY AREN’T READING THIS:) Please bring a shop to Winston-Salem.!!  PLEASE!! )  
via Anthropologie
via H&M
Finally, maybe you just want to see if a scarf is for you, or you love a good by stop by H&M (shockingly we have one in Winston-Salem)  They have lots of options and this floral one is right on trend for the summer and fall.  It is so much fun, and when you tire of it you won’t feel bad for pushing ti to the back of the drawer.
I do love a scarf, I believe they complete any outfit and also give it a sense of being put together.  There are also so many different types that depending on you need for fashion or warmth there is definitely a scarf for you.
Dashing – xoxo


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