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Posted by on October 10, 2013

Domino is back and better than ever.  I didn’t know if I would write about the new Domino Magazine because it is only being published quarterly and I have to get through the holidays with this one issue, but it is so interesting I decided I couldn’t wait.  If you aren’t familiar with Domino Magazine it started in 2005 and ended in 2009 during the financial crisis.

The magazine was always geared towards interior design and lifestyle.  It was a cult favorite and many were quite upset when the last issue hit the shelves. Now headed by Lonny co-founder Michelle Adams this is Domino 3.0.

Now back as a quarterly print magazine you can also read much of the magazine online and it has the same click through technology that other online magazines have.  This means that if you see a headboard that you love in the print magazine you can go to the website and click on where to buy it.  Easy right?

My favorite piece that I have read so far (I’m not nearly done… there is so much content).  Is the Gift Guide.

Here are a few of my favorite things from the Gift Guide …

The Large Petrified Wood Cheese Plate…  I love the natural trend.  This would make a fantastic hostess gift if you are traveling for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I would be thrilled to get this plate.  Each is unique, which makes it even more fun.

For the kids (or the kids at heart)  how cool is the Large Chalkboard Globe by Jamie Young??

OK one more gift from the ridiculously cool Kelly Wearstler… these Pavlov Earrings.  I adore Kelly’s style with interiors and these earrings are also fantastic.  Their cool design would absolutely catch anyones attention.  I might keep these for myself!

There is so much in the new Domino and the Domino website that you really should take a look and decide for yourself.  Let me know what you think!!

Dashing – xoxo


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