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Posted by on January 20, 2014

Last week Daphne and I had a very delightful lunch at the new spot, The Porch.  The Porch is owned by Claire Calvin of Dinners on the Porch fame and is definitely the new (only) Tex-Mex spot in town.  Located at 840 Mill Works Street.   It is a little hard to find.  But with the help of the Journal’s article and some friends I was able to find this new jewel of a restaurant.

I had taken a picture of the menu but when I saw this online it was much easier to see:
As you walk in you see the very cool ambiance with jar lighting, industrial chic accents, and a very cool almost Austin, TX feel you know Winston-Salem has been longing for The Porch.
I asked Daphne what she ordered:

“I had the sliders.  the low country shrimp and the zucchini slider.  They were both wonderful.  They both were in a patty type form and had a wonderful taste.  I loved them!!!  I have a hard time deciding which one was better because they were both so good! and the cheesy tater tots were awesome!  the cheese had a good spice to it.  I literally could not stop eating them.”  When Daphne got the sliders I knew I had to try something different so I went with the Southwest Porch Pockets.  Like Daphne I felt my pockets were delicious.  It was almost like a delicious burrito lightly flash fried in an amazing pocket.  I devoured mine. Also like Daphne,  I couldn’t get over the Cheesy Tater Tots. I could have made a meal just out of them. — You can absolutely share the tater tots.  We both chowed down on them and didn’t finish the side.

both of our meals and the tater tots
Daphne’s Sliders
my pockets and tater tots

You pick up your food at a window and your name is called and the bell is rung.  My name was quickly called by the owner herself, Claire.

I next asked Daphne her thoughts on the ambiance:

“I loved the ambiance.  It was really cool and hip.  it had hand painting on the walls and I loved all the signs she had up.”

I lastly asked Daphne what her favorite part of The Porch was:

“My favorite part was the menu.  There were several things I wanted to try.  I had a hard time choosing what to eat. I want to go back and try other items.  I loved it!!!”

I agree with Daphne about everyone and wanted to add more more thing.  We were so excited to see so many friends, co-workers, acquaintances there last Thursday.  When we got there at 11:30 it wasn’t too crowded.  When we left it was packed, we couldn’t be any happier for Claire and her group.  It is very family friendly and well worth trying to find.  So get yourself or your crowd there for a fun lunch or dinner.  You won’t taste anything else like it in Winston-Salem.  
Dashing – xoxo


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