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Posted by on February 17, 2014

Daphne and I dug ourselves out of our homes to get to Pintxos Pour House on Saturday for lunch.  We were so excited to get out and have some girl time after five days of being “snowed in.” Like I said in my prior post, Daphne got to choose the place we went and Pintxos was her choice.  She had sampled the food once and was excited for me to try it as well and we could review it together.

Pintxos is located in the Village of Robinhood which is at the corner of Meadowlark and Robinhood.

Front Door…

The menu as you can see is massive.  We decided to try the tapas but there were so many options to try we could go back multiple times without trying everything.

There is a great bar area with chalkboards through out the restaurant.  When I asked Daphne about the ambiance this is what she told me, ” I thought the scenery was really cool. I loved all the chalk boards with the artwork done in chalk. It had everything from Homer Simpson and shaggy from scooby doo. It was really neat.”

We tried five different tapas… yum and OMG it was a lot of food for both of us to eat!! 

Cake and Shrimp

Shrimp and Bacon Corn dog w/ sweet and spicy mustard

Sweet Tea Chicken and Waffles

 Fried Green Tomatoes
Scallops BLT
I wanted to know which was Daphne’s favorite, “My favorite tapas were the chicken and waffles. I loved the maple syrup sauce in it. The chicken was marinated for 8 hours in sweet tea which made the chicken very tender and delicious. I also loved the fried green tomatoes. It was topped with a homemade pimento cheese that accented the tomatoes wonderfully.”   I liked the chicken and waffles but my favorite had to be the Scallops BLT.  The fusion of flavors together was wonderful and the scallops were cooked perfectly.

In addition to the chalkboard walls, there is black paper on all of the tables that you can draw, write, doodle whatever you like.  A great added touch if you had kids with you.
As we finished up our lunch I wanted to know Daphne’s overall take away, “I love that they have a tapas menu. I think it would make a fun night out where you can try different foods. The presentation of the food was done perfectly.”  I think she nailed it.  We had a great time.  It is definitely worth the trip out that way to discover something completely different than anything else in Winston. 

Dashing – xoxo


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