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Posted by on August 26, 2013

My friend Daphne and I have a long history of grabbing lunch together.  For about the last six years we have been eating lunch, and then often dashing to get to the carpool line at St. Paul’s.  Daphne has nice enough agreed to become a new segment on the blog… Dining with Daphne. I think it has a great ring to it. One small disclaimer.  Daphne and I are not exactly food experts in any way shape or form.  We like to eat, usually quickly, laugh, and maybe have a sweet tea or diet coke. 
If you are a serious foodie, stop reading.  You will be disappointed.  There is no mention of flavors infusing together.  The words yummy, delicious, and fantastic will be used.  Today we went to a
new(ish) place, Jeffery Adams.

Jeffery Adams opened up late last year and I had been wanting to try it out.  But I am a creature of habit and I just never made it downtown.  So when I brought up trying it,  Daphne was on board and off we went to Fourth and Marshall.  For all of you naysayers that don’t love having to park downtown, fear not friends, the parking deck is directly behind the restaurant.  It cost us three dollars to eat downtown.  I’m sure that I could have found something on the street but I opted for the easiest choice. 

So here is our take on this lovely restaurant. Daphne had the Cashew Chicken Salad Sandwich with tomato and fresh mozzarella and I had the Fried Green Tomato BLT.  She loved hers.  She said that the fresh tomatoes and the balsamic dressing gave the sandwich an extra punch. Daphne also enjoyed her side of homemade chips!  Yum.

My Fried Green tomato BLT was great as well, with prosciutto.   This sandwich stands out and put a new spin on a popular lunch menu item here in Winston-Salem.  I have to also mention the macaroni and cheese was very special.  It was a smoked Gouda mac and cheese.  I love smoked Gouda, so this was fantastic Gouda goodness to me.

Daphne’s Cashew Chicken Salad and homemade chips
My Fried Green Tomato BLT with smoked Gouda mac and cheese

We then discussed the presentation.  Daphne and I both felt that the presentation was fine, but nothing special.  We weren’t disappointed, just nothing about the plate really stood out.

We ate outside on a lovely day.  We were so happy that the sun was shining and it wasn’t too hot outside. Overall it was absolutely beautiful.  Daphne said, ” I loved eating outside.  It was very shaded and had a nice breeze in the air.  I also love people watching, so sitting outside downtown gave me a lot of people watching!”  I completely agreed.  We even saw Bain run by as we were eating.  I almost felt bad because he was hard at it.  Almost is the key word here. 

I asked Daphne if she would eat there again, She said, “Yes,  I really enjoyed the lunch.  There were several items on the menu that I wanted to try.  I also would love to try dinner there at some point.”
My last question for Daphne was what should others should know before they go, “If they want a good lunch for a good price they should defiantly try this restaurant!”  We had a blast.  I’m pretty sure everyone eating around us thought I was nuts because I kept taking pictures of the restaurant, food, a certain runner, but we had so much fun!  Look out for more posts from us as we eat at different spots around town.

Dashing – xoxo
all images via Dashing though Winston-Salem


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