Dining with Daphne… Bob’s Big Gas Subs and Pub

Posted by on September 10, 2013

 Whoo hoo are back to the grind of  school.  So that means it is time for Daphne and I to grab lunch before picking up the little kiddos at preschool.  Today we went to Bob’s Big Gas Subs.  It was a gorgeous day and we got to eat outside.  Yay for good weather and no rain.

We walked in and ordered our sandwiches at the counter,  Daphne ordered the Ballini with the fried (baked) pickles and I ordered the Granny’s Hammy with the pasta salad. 
Inside the old Shell station they have kept the interior cool and retro.  Exposed ceiling with lots of stainless steel, red and black color scheme make it a great place to come to grab lunch with a friend or bring the kiddos for dinner either way you will be comfortable.
Also, Bob’s Big Gas Subs and Pubs features local artists.  I love when restaurants cover their walls in our local artists paintings or other renderings.  The baby is called “Granny’s Hammy”, the guy with long hair is called “Ballini”.  Both are 20×20 mixed media on canvas and by Chad Beroth each listed for $400.  Please also notice that totally by coincidence Daphne and I ordered the sandwiches also with these names. Ha!  Too funny.  Daphne added about the artwork,”I likes all the neat artwork.  Although the artwork is nothing I would put in my house.  I liked it in the restaurant.”

Daphne had the ballini with the fried (baked pickles).  It is a tomato mozeralla sandwich with a balsamic dressing.  I asked her what should people know before they come, ” My food was good, however the sandwich was very bland. The sauce that went with the pickles had a good kick to it. It is not my favorite sub place that I have been too, however, I would go back.”

I had the Granny’s Hammy and the pasta salad.  This sandwich has gotten better and better each time I’ve had it.  This sandwich was good.  I love the combo of turkey and ham with goat cheese and apples.  It is a full sandwich, but it doesn’t leave you feeling too full.  Also, the pasta salad was a good portion and was light with a vinaigrette dressing.  It was very good as well.   I also had a cheerwine… there is nothing better.

It was so much fun to be able to eat outside and enjoy the day with a great friend.  Now that school is back look for us to review all of our favorite spots.  We love grabbing lunch or breakfast before or after getting the kids.  Hope you all have a fabulous day and as always the best part of eating was spending time with a great friend!  Join us in a couple of weeks for our next review.

Dashing – xoxo


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