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Posted by on September 18, 2013

Sorry to be annoying but yes, I’m traveling today and someone recommended I use Uber to get from the airport to the hotel.  I had heard of Uber before but was curious.  So I downloaded the app and I started to learn about it.

If you aren’t familiar with Uber it is like a taxi service except, better.  It began in 2009 in the San Francisco area by two guys Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick.  Prices are higher than your traditional cab but with the app you can actually track a car to see how long your wait is going to be and also get a “quote” beforehand if you are curious as to how much it will cost.  When I downloaded the app it asks for your credit card.  Cash or credit card never trade hands.  Uber automatically charges you.  It is so easy.

For me I think it is a great idea because I can click on my app once I land and there will be a car waiting for me when I get to the baggage claim.  Also, I could set it up tonight and then Uber will track if my flight is delayed and will adjust accordingly.  It is just plain smart.

Uber has many options.  In Charlotte, where it is launching soon there is UberX.  A low-cost Uber using cars such as Ford Escape, BMW 3 or a Toyota Prius.  In other cities (such as Detroit there is the UberBlack) and also UberSUV.  

So many choices, perfect for being in the know when traveling by yourself or with the family.  No it isn’t coming to Winston-Salem anytime soon but it is great to know about when you are traveling to any large city here or abroad they are also in locations such as London, Paris, 18 countries worldwide.  I love smart ideas, a clean, nice car to ride in or a smelly dirty cab… not a hard decision.

Dashing – xoxo

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