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Whoo Hoo 200th Post!!

Hooray!!  I have made it to the 200th post.  What a treat.  Thank you to all of you who have read my blog, made comments, and been so supportive.

This journey has been soo amazing!!  As you can see Dashing through Winston-Salem has gotten a HUGE facelift!!!

Major thanks to Tripp Regan of Regan Creative for all of his AMAZING help.  This would not have happened without you!!!

To celebrate the blog and the 200th post I’m going to do a giveaway of some of my fave things in Winston-Salem.



2 Cap*A*Cooz’s
1 $5 gift certificate to Krankies
1 Something Special from Julia’s Take Away Gourmet
1 box of B & G pies
1 $5 gift certificate to Camino Bakery

a Rafflecopter giveaway



This is such a small way for me to say THANK YOU!!!

It means more than you could ever know!!!

The raffle begins today and will end Friday at 5:00 p.m.  I will notify everyone on Saturday with all the winners!!!


Dashing – xoxox

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Spring Fashion at Rebecca and Co.

I know it is supposed to snow… but I’m ignoring that right now to bring you some amazing spring clothes from Rebecca and Co.  First let me start with that I love the gals at Rebecca’s, Lisa, Jane, and Beth are the best.

I don’t know if you have seen the new wallpaper from the street but I had and I was dying to see it up close.  Isn’t it cool??  Don’t you love the way the gals have put these mannequins with bold colors in front.  ??!!  I do!!  The clothes pop right out onto Reynolda Road.

 My first piece is from a company called, Fifteen Twenty.  I’m obsessed with this tunic.  How good is it?  Do you see the details?  I think you could easily wear this with white or black jeans.  Also, throw the scarf and fedora on with it too…  So so cute!!!  This is the boho chic look you’ve been dying to try!! 


 Next up … some fun accessories.  Rebecca’s has House of Harlow, Lori Snyder, and a line I wasn’t familiar with but now am dreaming about … ali and bird jewelry.

So much fun color…

I’m loving this dress by Shoshanna … I have a couple of weddings to go to this summer and think this dress would be amazing to wear.  I love how the gold is dotted onto the fabric.  

 Confession… I love a jump suit.  
This one by Citizens for Humanity is painter chic!!
I would put a hot pink pair of pumps with it.

With Tina Turk I feel like you can never go wrong.  Do you want to try the sequin trend right now without looking like a beauty queen??  Try this tank dress.  It is perfect.

 If you are ready for the beach like I am, this outfit will get you excited about sand being under your feet soon!!
This next company, Beth introduced me to is called,  Forever Canyon.  These dresses are made of almost a spank like material, that with the pattern makes you automatically look thinner.
There is no downside 🙂

 Let’s talk a little bit more about accessories… my favorites hats and scarves!!!
This fedora is beyond precious… I love the pomp on the side.  Don’t these colors scream… SUMMER!!!

 The tie dye scarf from Michael Stars has me going gaga.  Not only is it tie dyed but it is also tassels on it.  This could easily be the one scarf you bought this summer and wear it 1000 different ways.

 So lets pray for good weather… I mean it is spring right!!??!!  I can’t wait to be wearing shorts, short sleeves, and sandals.  Come on Spring!!!  Please get here 🙂
Dashing – xoxox

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An Evening with Glennon Doyle Melton

I’m not going to lie, I was really tired on Friday. I had bought a ticket to An Evening with Glennon Doyle Melton and although I did really want to hear her speak, my body just wanted to hang out on the couch.   I even tried to give my ticket away at the last minute.  The idea of going out was almost too much to think about.  But the gal whom I offered it to couldn’t go so off I went.  I knew who Glennon was and had followed her blog.  So I knew she was funny and insightful.  What I wasn’t expecting to learn about was the H.O.P.E. of Winston-Salem, and the forty food desserts right here in Winston-Salem.  I knew that the money raised was going for this project, I just didn’t realize that I would hear about it.  I’m so glad that I did.

I’m always so impressed with people who see a problem and go after solving it.  Marty and Ben Tennille are some of those people.  Their will to create an organization benefitting so many others is overwhelming.  I was 100% blown away by all of the folks connected with H.O.P.E..  So many of our own Forsyth County residents are hungry.  Please take a look at their site and see the simple, yet impactful ways you can help feed the need in Winston-Salem.

Glennon speaking…

Then it was on to Glennon Doyle Melton’s conversation.  She was fantastic.  Her message is so real, needed, and made me laugh out loud.  I love her message, We belong to each other.   My heart was full when I left Centenary on Friday night.

I wasn’t planning to blog about Friday night but during her discussion I found myself writing down some of my favorite quotes…

 “God’s Motto: Just show up as you are and love others” 
 “Something beautiful comes from a broken heart.”  
“That kind of writing unlocked people”  
“start living in 12 layers deep”  
When speaking about God giving her her first son, “we offer folks on the bathroom floor the best we’ve got.”  
“Love is not pink” 
“Can you just tell me how I hurt you” … 

Glennon answering questions from Centenary United Methodist Church’s Dr. Mark Ralls

Wow!  I know that is a lot.  It may not all make sense to you if you weren’t there, but I left really feeling revived.  If you have never looked at her site, do your self a favor and take ten minutes to read Momastery.

Sometimes God gives you the extra nudge, even when you don’t want it … because He knows what you need.  I needed to hear Glennon on Friday night.  I’m so grateful for the nudge.

Dashing – xoxox
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Wonderfully Dashing Listings — Ardmore

Katy and Julie’s next recommendation for a great Winston-Salem property is in Ardmore.  Built in 1938 this property although turn key still oozes with the charm a home in Ardmore should have.  This cute Cape Cod Classic has three bedrooms and a deep yard.  It is listed by Leonard Ryden Burr Real Estate I love the outside space and can imagine a lovely young family in this home.  

Front of home

Great Room

Living Room


Outside Space
This home is unfortunately in the Due Dilligence Period.  You can understand why for $219,900.  So close to both hospitals it is perfect for a single person working at the hospital or a cute young family.  Many thanks to Katy and Julie again for pointing out some of the lovely real estate here in Winston.
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Dining with Daphne … Noble’s Grille

Wow I got the best phone call the other day when Daphne asked what I was doing for lunch… she didn’t have to work and we were able to scoot over to Noble’s Grille for lunch.  When I used to think of Noble’s I didn’t think of their fabulous lunch menu.  Reasonable priced and pleasant,  there were many business people having lunch meetings and a couple of folks having friendly lunches as well.  The ambiance is warm and friendly, Daphne added, “I like the theme of roosters that they use and like how you can see the kitchen from the tables.” The menu is a great combo of small plates, salads, sandwiches and entrees.

We began with the warm pimento cheese.  It was smooth and tasty.  Served in a cast iron pot, the warm pimento cheese has rich flavors and we both dug into this great appetizer.

I got the white pizza.  This is one of my faves.  It is made of crème fraîche, black mission figs, celebrity dairy chèvreparmigiano reggiano, arugula, with a balsamic reduction.  I’m currently in a white pizza phase and also putting arugula on any pizza I can.  It was absolutely delicious.
Daphne had the tomato basil pizza.  I asked her about it, “The pizza was good, my favorite part was the fresh mozzarella cheese. The cheese is what I feel made the pizza.”

We had such a nice lunch in a crazy week with no school, snow, and the threat of more snow.  What a great way to spend an hour with a super friend.
Dashing – xoxo

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New Post —- Moose Mixology by Julia Chandler

I gave y’all a little teaser last week but I’m so glad to bring y’all this new series from the very talented Julia Chandler.  This is written by her.  Go over to her blog, follow her on FB, and twitter to find out what else she has going on.  There is always something yummy going on in her kitchen.
Dashing -xoxo
Moose Mixology — By Julia Chandler
Kumquat  and Thyme Infused Gin
kumquats whole
Let me introduce you to a small little treat, key word here small, called kumquats.  Yes kumquats, a little fruit you have probably heard of but might not know much about.  They look like a tiny orange and taste like a bitter orange, sweet at first bite and then sour inside.  Nature’s version of a sour patch kid if you will.  Click here to learn more details about these jewels which are in season primarily in the Winter months.
So, if you know me, I am always looking for fun new culinary adventures and a trip to Trader Joe’s the other week ended with kumquats in my grocery cart, lost amid other fruits and cheeses.  I recalled reading a recipe in the Lee Brothers Charleston Kitchen cookbook for a cocktail using kumquats, so it was straight home to research and then to work.  The result, a delicious infused gin that works magic in a glass over ice with club soda.  Go on, find some kumquats and mix it up today!
kumquats sliced  kumquat thyme gin  gin
This yields a fabulously floral infused gin with such minimal effort I almost felt bad over how yummy it tasted.  My “Mister Mixology” is strictly a bourbon drinker, but he did dip his finger in the jar and even he thought it was good.  I hope you find the simple steps below delicious and easy, too.
1.  In a pint Mason jar or other non-absorbent container, place about one cup of thinly sliced kumquats as pictured above in the bottom of jar.  As you slice you will need to remove the seeds, but no worries, it was an easy task to do as you go.
2.  Because I had fresh thyme to use up, I added 3-4 sprigs on top of the sliced fruit.  Gin, by nature, is herbaceous and I think the combination worked well.  You could leave it out entirely, or substitute other fresh herbs such as rosemary or basil.  Play around, but the mild infusion of thyme was pretty darn good, not sure it could be beat!
3.  Pour gin to cover the kumquats and herbs to the top of jar.  I used Bombay Sapphire, as it is what I had the most of, but use what you enjoy drinking, it will be wonderfully enhanced with flavor after this.
4.  Carefully place the lid on the jar, and set aside for 2-3 days for the flavors to infuse, just on your counter at room temperature.  It’s fun to show off to friends,  it’s really pretty in the jar, just don’t shake it up much!
5.  I poured my Kumquat & Thyme infused Gin over ice and topped with a splash of club soda.  It didn’t need a lime in my opinion due to the citrus of the kumquats, but if I had been serving it to guests I definitely would have fancied it up by garnishing with a sprig of fresh thyme and a slice of kumquat on the rim.  But get jiggy with however you want to mix your drink…and share the love, please, let us know what you concoct as well!
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Wonderfully Dashing Listings

I enlisted the help of two of my friends Katy Fisher and Julie Oates, who are a great real estate team here in Winston-Salem.  This time of year interesting and lovely homes pop up on the market.  They were kind enough to select a few that they found particularly interesting.

The first is a Buena Vista restoration project.  Located on over an acre on Georgia Avenue this home has the potential to have it all.  Katy added, “I love this house because it is essentially untouched but, it has all the charms of a 1920s house. Look at the walls in the dining room. I think it is hand painted or painted paper. And, it is on over an acre in BV. Hard to come by!” 

When you start to look at the pictures of the interior, Katy isn’t kidding about it being essentially untouched. The picture below is of the entry way,  I have a thing for vintage wallpaper.  I know some people see Laura Ashely but I see a nod to another time.  The carpet going up the stairs will absolutely have to be changed pronto (I wonder if there is a gorgeous wood under… I would bet yes) .

Without going inside it is hard to tell if the dining room as painted walls or hand painted paper.  Either way with the proper restoration to the walls/paper, also a fresh coat of paint on wood, new curtains, and a chandelier this could be divine.  
Finally, you need to see the panelling.  I know some people love it and some people hate it.  There is so much you can do with it.  Paint it any color, re-stain it, pickle it the options are endless.  
But do something… 
I love a project and this house listed by Leonard Ryden and Burr definitely is a PROJECT!!  I’ve been dreaming about all the amazing renovations (big and small) you could do to it and for $895,000 the opportunities are endless.  What is the first thing you would do to the home??
Be on the look out for more properties that Katy and Julie have pointed out!!
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Moose Mixology … Coming Soon

I’m so excited to share with you all a new guest post that will be featured here on Dashing!!  Moose Mixology a post by Julia Chandler of Julia’s Take Away Gourmet.

I’m so excited to share her fresh take on drinks.  There will be alcoholic libations as well as kid friendly ones.  I’m so excited and honored she would let Dashing share in some of her creative fun!!

More soon…
Dashing – xoxo
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Dining with Daphne … Pintxos Pour House

Daphne and I dug ourselves out of our homes to get to Pintxos Pour House on Saturday for lunch.  We were so excited to get out and have some girl time after five days of being “snowed in.” Like I said in my prior post, Daphne got to choose the place we went and Pintxos was her choice.  She had sampled the food once and was excited for me to try it as well and we could review it together.

Pintxos is located in the Village of Robinhood which is at the corner of Meadowlark and Robinhood.

Front Door…

The menu as you can see is massive.  We decided to try the tapas but there were so many options to try we could go back multiple times without trying everything.

There is a great bar area with chalkboards through out the restaurant.  When I asked Daphne about the ambiance this is what she told me, ” I thought the scenery was really cool. I loved all the chalk boards with the artwork done in chalk. It had everything from Homer Simpson and shaggy from scooby doo. It was really neat.”

We tried five different tapas… yum and OMG it was a lot of food for both of us to eat!! 

Cake and Shrimp

Shrimp and Bacon Corn dog w/ sweet and spicy mustard

Sweet Tea Chicken and Waffles

 Fried Green Tomatoes
Scallops BLT
I wanted to know which was Daphne’s favorite, “My favorite tapas were the chicken and waffles. I loved the maple syrup sauce in it. The chicken was marinated for 8 hours in sweet tea which made the chicken very tender and delicious. I also loved the fried green tomatoes. It was topped with a homemade pimento cheese that accented the tomatoes wonderfully.”   I liked the chicken and waffles but my favorite had to be the Scallops BLT.  The fusion of flavors together was wonderful and the scallops were cooked perfectly.

In addition to the chalkboard walls, there is black paper on all of the tables that you can draw, write, doodle whatever you like.  A great added touch if you had kids with you.
As we finished up our lunch I wanted to know Daphne’s overall take away, “I love that they have a tapas menu. I think it would make a fun night out where you can try different foods. The presentation of the food was done perfectly.”  I think she nailed it.  We had a great time.  It is definitely worth the trip out that way to discover something completely different than anything else in Winston. 

Dashing – xoxo

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Dining with Daphne … coming back with a BANG!!

Dear Dining with Daphne Fans,

More Dining with Daphne is coming soon but homegirl got a paying job during the day so we can’t grab lunch at a moment’s whim…  Thank you to those of you who have emailed me asking when the next installment is.  Currently Daphne is thinking about where she wants to eat on Saturday…  I’m leaving the decision up to her.    Until then here are some of our recaps to keep your appetites wet.  Stay tuned for next week.

Jeffery Adam’s


Alex’s Cafe



The Porch (me and the Rock Star… she’s got fans)

Dashing -xoxo