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What are you doing today in Winston-Salem??

Did you go to the Cobblestone Farmers Market?

Are you playing golf?

Are you going to Salem Lake? (we are!!)

Are you headed somewhere else?

Are you going to Salute??

Staying home?

There is soo much to do today in Winston-Salem

Let me know….

Happy Saturday!!!  Enjoy your day and enjoy our beautiful city!!!


Have an Italian Ice Kind of Day!!!


Dashing  -xoxo

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Dining with Daphne … West End Cafe

Daphne and I love to eat lunch.  One of our all time treasured spots is West End Cafe.  A lot of funny and serious conversations have happened here.  That is why we didn’t review it for a long while.  We knew what we would say.  It is an all time favorite of ours… not a great story, right?  But the thing is West End Cafe is great food, lovely location, and the people who work there are amazing.  When you walk into West End you are greeted by the waitstaff that knows you.  The place is so comfortable I often have people meet me there for lunch meetings.  The location couldn’t be any better if you are downtown or picking up from preschool… it is perfectly placed.  I could keep going …

West End Cafe

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Get FIT with Brenner THIS FRIDAY!

The Brenner FIT 5K  Challenge is THIS Friday!  Get ready to run, walk or do the fun activities from the FIT Zone such as the balanced plate relay, life size Jenga, and much much more!  This is the fourth year of the event so get ready for a great evening.

via Brenner Children’s Hospital

Here is more info from the website:

The 4th annual Brenner FIT 5K Challenge will be on Friday, September 12 at 6:30 pm at WFU Deacon Tower. The 5K run/walk will start at 6:30 pm with the FIT Fun Run starting directly afterwards at 6:45 pm.

FIT Zone opens at 5:30 pm with lots of fun hands-on activities-

Sugar Beverage Game
Fruit and Veggie Twister
Balanced Plate Relay
Play a game of dodgeball, our version of course!
Flavor Fear Factor-Do you dare taste!
Life-size Jenga
Play mini game of tennis with WS Open
Shoe-fitting with Adidas
Get in the dirt and start on own garden!
Play the Exercise Walk with YMCA
Spin the wheel for prizes from Omega Sports
Tasty treats from Brynn’s Frozen Yogurt
Chili Contest- taste two healthy chili’s prepared by Dr. Joey Skelton, Director of the Brenner FIT program and Chef Alfred, from WFBMC Food and Nutrition Services then tell us which one is your favorite!

Sign up for the  Event Here

September is always a busy time in Winston-Salem so get out there and be part of it!!

If there is a worthy event that you think I should be covering please let me know.

Dashing – xoxox

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W-S Bloggers to Read … Rebecca Subbiah of Chow and Chatter

The tag line of Rebecca Subbiah‘s Chow and Chatter is, travel, good food and nutrition. It is perfect.  I’m always learning a little tidbit from her either about how to grow vegetables, or traveling back to Scotland, or a savory recipe to try. I also am a huge fan of her twitter feed.  She always has something interesting to share. Rebecca was nice enough to answer a few of my questions for my Winston-Salem blogger series.  Enjoy!

via Chow and ChatterDTWS:  How did you first get into blogging?

RS: I started blogging when my daughter was a baby as a creative outlet and soon found a passion for it. Loved the sense of community in the food blogging world.

via Chow and Chatter

DTWS:  What has been your biggest surprise since you started?

RS:  Nothing really be true to you and have fun with it


via Chow and Chatter

DTWS:  You are a maven on Twitter where does your best info come from?

RS:  Lots of apps on my phone I have two small kids so hardly sit at computer these days and following interesting people. There’s a knack for finding cool content and a skill that can be learned 😉

image via Food Writer Friday

DTWS:  What keeps you motivated to stay so engaged?

RS:  I enjoy the banter with folks and have met many interesting folks in real life it has also lead to speaking engagements and social media work.


via Ready, pack, Go!

DTWS:  What if your favorite topic to blog about?

RS:  Food and travel
DTWS:  What is the most exciting thing happening right now in Winston-Salem in your opinion?

RS:  Love the coffee and bakery scene the food is improving but not there yet sorry I am a spoilt and well traveled foodie. I love the gardens and walking trails here also.


Thank you again to Rebecca.!!

Rebecca is very social here is how you can follow her:






Vine  (PS the video on how to poach an egg is great!)

via Chow and Chatter

PS — Did I mention she has her own recipe app ??  How cool is that ??

Dashing – xoxo

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Dining with Daphne … Sweet Potatoes

Last week Daphne and I cruised downtown to a spot I had not been in a long time, Sweet Potatoes Restaurant.  I was so excited to get back to this southern food gem in our fair city.  As soon as we walked in the door I started to smell the delicious scents of  down home cooking and forgot about my waist line.

The front of Sweet Potatoes on Trade Street


Daphne and I were seated right away and I was delighted to see the striking art on the walls in the crowded restaurant.  I was instantly back in love with Sweet Potatoes.

As we sat down and started looking at the menu I was excited to see what was for lunch.

It was time to order.  Daphne selected the Curried Chicken Salad and I decided on the V.V.’s Mama’s meatloaf.  Daphne got a side of sweet potato fries and I got the fried okra with my meal.


Daphne’s Curried Chicken Salad

I asked Daphne how she enjoyed her meal, “I loved it!! They definitely put classy into southern food!”

The Sweet Potato Fries


Like I said I had the meatloaf… OMG it wasn’t fair that I had to go back and work after that meal.  I just wanted to enjoy the rest of my day.  It was so good and I was so full.

V.V. Mama’s Meatloaf


Yes there is meatloaf under the crispy tobacco onion and gravy… Good MAMA it was knock your socks off good!!

I asked Daphne if there was anything else she’d like to tell y’all :

“I loved the art work. It fit the restaurant well. For elegant southern food they should definitely give Sweet Potatoes a try. They have everything from fried green tomatoes to okra. It is delicious! I would go back a hundred times!”  I agree with her 1000% and it won’t be so long next time.  It was the most enjoyable meal.  Yum!!!

First time this has ever happened… the guy’s finger got in the way of the picture. I didn’t notice it until tonight. Oh well!!


Dashing – xoxox


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Dining with Daphne — King’s Crab Shack

Last week I had the great fortune to have lunch with Daphne and  special guest Shannon!  I was in for a real treat with these two gals.  Daphne had decided that we would check out King’s Crab Shack and Oyster Bar for lunch.  I love being anywhere on Fourth Street during the lunch hour and seeing people coming and going.  I was excited to dive into the food.


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Dining With Daphne — Mary’s Gourmet Diner

Daphne and I are back after a little hiatus and our appetites are huge!  We are excited to be reviewing our time at one of Winston-Salem’s favorite spots… Mary’s Gourmet Diner.  My first time at Mary’s was when it was still on Brookstown Avenue.  The restaurant was always packed, I became a fan with the grilled cheese right away.  Fast forward a few years later, the location now on 723 Trade Street has outdoor and indoor seating, eclectic furnishings, and a whole lot of good vibes when you walk through the door.

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The very Last Rummage Sale is this Weekend

This weekend will mark the last Junior League of Winston-Salem‘s Rummage Sale. Every year (for sixty!!) the women of the JLWS come together, spending a lot of time away from work and family, to produce one of the largest second hand markets in the country.  All the money raised goes right back into Winston-Salem through the trained volunteers of the JLWS.

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