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Dashing Fave … Kerry Steele Art

Last Sunday I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a post by artist, Kerry Steele.  At October 2015 HPMKT she had displayed her art at the CR Laine showroom and I started following her.  I was instantly drawn to her art from the get go, and now that I’ve seen some of her past commissions I know why!  Her paintings add joy to each room they are hung in. They are light and feminine.

She is from Fredericksburg, VA, but will soon be moving to Charleston, SC.  She has a wide selection of art via her ETSY shop and her website.

I am taken by her use of color and  her feminine silhouettes.

I thought I would share a few of my faves with you.


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Get to know … Saint Rooster

It always amazes me when you meet a family and they are all super talented.  From musicians to brilliant business people the whole deal always impresses me. Last year I did a post on Kristen Kluttz and her amazing portrait of our girl Artemis.  You can imagine how fun it was to learn that her sister Elizabeth is also a talented artist.  Elizabeth is owner of Saint Rooster.  A company that focuses on restoring pieces of furniture to new potential.  I was so excited to see her in action the other day.



Her Studio is a shared space with her mom (the first artist :))

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Follow Up —> Dashing Fave Mitchell Black Home

I was so excited to tell y’all about discovering Mitchell Black during High Point Furniture Market.  I had been going on and on about my discovery to my gal pals Elizabeth and Jennifer, telling them to stop by their booth and they did… and they BOTH made purchases.

 This week Elizabeth called to tell me the wall art she had purchased came in.

Elizabeth was excited which got me excited!!!

Boxes came nicely packaged. Believe it or not this doesn’t always happen.

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Dashing Day Job … Discovering Mitchell Black Home

The most exciting part of my job at Dovecote Decor has to be The High Point Furniture Market.  HPMKT is held twice a year.  We love to discover new and exciting furnishings and accessories.  We also get to chat with some of the most amazing and creative people in the industry.  It never gets old.  There are so many buildings and booths to look through some stunning and some not so much!  Enter Mitchell Black Home…


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Taking a little R & R

I’ll be back to regular posts the first week of January… I’m sorry I didn’t get out the Winston-Salem Style last week.  Christmas is just too busy for everyone, and the week beforehand is too!  I’m going to get you these fabulous women as I get them all photographed.  I bit off too much for the month of December.  Thanks for understanding:)  I promise they are great!! 

Enjoy your family and friends this week!!

Dashing – xoxo
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Fave Places to Shop in Winston-Salem // Piedmont Craftsmen: Craft Shop

Whew!  It has been a week…  I don’t know where all the time goes in December??  I never feel so busy in January.  The last place I wanted to high light is the Piedmont Craftsmen: Craft Shop.  Never been?  You are missing out on one of our local treasures.  The first time I went it was actually at Christmastime for the Junior League’s Christmas Party.  I remember oohing and aahing  around the whole shop.  From the jewelry to the clay sculptures and everything in between it is a mecca for local artistry and absolutely one of a kind gifts.

Here are the deatils:
601 N. Trade Street

Complete disclosure, I had a tough time getting there this week because I was always in a rush.  I went by again tonight (Thursday) after it had closed but I will get there again this weekend.  My mother-in-law is in need of a special gift. 

Here are their holiday hours:

Gallery Holiday Hours

December 9 – 23

Mondays: 11 am – 3:00 pm
Tuesdays – Fridays: 10:30 am – 5:00 pm
Saturdays: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sundays: Noon – 4:00 pm

 December 24: 10:30 – 3:00pm

From their website : “Welcome to Piedmont Craftsmen, a non-profit 501(c)(3) education and arts organization. We are dedicated to the promotion of fine traditional and contemporary craft/art through a wide variety of educational and membership activities and services for the benefit of the community.
Whether you are an artist or collector we invite you to discover the fine crafts of Piedmont Craftsmen. We represent over 350 fine craft artists from across the United States. At any given time you can find work by about 200 of our Exhibiting Members in our Shop and Gallery. We are easy to locate in the heart of Winston-Salem’s Downtown Arts District, or you can visit our on-line shop.”
Here are a few of my favorite things from the website:

Happy Happy Weekend!!
Dashing – xoxo

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So many Christmas Card Choices!!

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us.  One of my favorite parts of Christmas is the cards.  There are so many fantastic options this year, with so many sales going on I thought I’d share a few of my favorites.   I can’t wait to start getting all the beautiful pictures of children and families in the mail.  I’m always amazed how children and families have grown in a years time.  I look forward to my mail being delivered each day during the holidays.   Each card goes up in my doorways. I treasure all of the cards and save them. 

Christmas Card Choices


Here is the link for each of the yummy cards:

** I also found some that I loved from Shutterfly but they wouldn’t let me “clip” their cards so I couldn’t include them **

*** Also the Tartan Christmas Card comes from Invitations Only here in Winston-Salem ***

Dashing – xoxo
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My fav… Soicher Marin

One last post about furniture market… I promise.  It’s just that I’ve been there for five days and have seen a lot of interesting things.  Thank you all for humoring me about the topic. I’m sorry if you are totally over it.

 I want to introduce or re-introduce you to one of my favorite companies that sells art, Soicher Marin.  For those of you that don’t know what Soicher Marin is, it is a art company that has prints, fine art, and mirrors in its collection.  It is known world wide and considered the platinum standard for prints.  Famous designers have worked with them including, Lillian August, Suzanne Kasler, and Charlotte Moss to name a few. 

 I’m going to focus on the Conde Nast collection. Specifically the “Vogue” covers.  Conde Nast has an agreement with Soicher Marin making it the exclusive printer of all Conde Nast covers and other related art. 

I love the photography from the 60’s. 

The prints of the dressing sketches are my absolute favorite.  Each is so ladylike and elegant.  Soicher Marin is known for its prints and also how they frame each piece of art.  I think that the simple yet refined frame is a perfect complement to the print.

Here is a close up of a couple of my favorite covers.  Each cover takes me to another place.   Each cover tells a story.  I imagine myself in the luxurious fur or the pinkalicous swimsuit. 
They are both sublime.

I hope you have all had a great week.  As always thank you so much for reading!  I am so honored that you take the time out of your busy day to read the blog.  There are lots of fun announcements coming so stay tuned!!

Dashing – xoxo
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#hpmkt is coming

It is October which means MARKET!!  Twice a year the design world comes to High Point to discover the new furniture and accessory designs.   This year High Point Furniture Market is October 19-24.   Part of my job is to go on behalf of Dovecote Decor(check out Liz’s posts on #hpmkt)  Last week we were invited to come and to preview some art and antiques before the crowds arrive.  I thought y’all might get a kick out of the behind the scenes vignettes that are starting to be designed.

Liz taking pictures of the art for a client

  It is amazing that in two weeks the place will be full of people and fabulous furniture.  
Hickory Chair – 2012
image via Dovecote Decor
 Century Furniture – 2012
image via Dovecote Decor

It’s amazing how the showrooms all come together each market.  Always different and updated every time.  Designers always do a marvelous job every single time.

Dashing – xoxo