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Summertime Fave… Floats

So maybe this shows my lack of maturity but I’m obsessed with all of the cool and quirky floats that have been popping up this summer.  Thanks to Taylor Swift the swan has become so popular… here are a few of my faves:

The Classic made popular by T-Swift

via Amazon

If you need a buddy to float with here is another swan…

XL Swan Float … because sometimes you can’t float alone

Not glam enough for you… Not a problem.

via Funboy
The Black Swan is always an option as well…

So as you can see I’ve gone down a rabbit hole here… way too much fun for me.  There are flamingos, doughnuts, pretzels too… but the final one I want to show you is Pegasus.

via Funboy .. you have to have a glass of champagne while riding!


Enjoy the rest of your summer!!  I can’t believe it is going to be August in a few days…  Where did the summer go???

Dashing – xoxox

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