It’s Summertime…

Posted by on June 16, 2015

Last week we finally got to done with school on Friday and by Sunday he was at Sea Gull.  What a whirl wind of a weekend.

Nelson on his last day of Second Grade

Nelson on his last day of Second Grade

One of our favorite spots to celebrate a school year completed is Brynn’s on Stratford Road.  They have been so nice to Whitaker Elementary School and their choices in frozen yogurt and toppings is fantastic.  My crowd loves anything with gummies, sprinkles and frozen.


After School we had some Brynn’s

Watch out Camp Sea Gull there are a lot of Winston-Salem, NC boys at camp!  Nelson was basically pushing me out the door on Sunday.  I can’t wait to hear all about his time.


As I was leaving Camp Sea Gull … Nelson and his buddies  at Sea Gull

Being a kid is suppose to be fun and summer is the most fun season of them all!!  So yay to the craziness of school being over and racing down to the coast, yay to a happy drop off, but most of all yay to all the kids and congrats to all the kids for completing another year at school!!!  You all deserve a little bit of a break.  Happy Happy Summer to you all.

Dashing – xoxox


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