It’s 2016 lets get down to business…

Posted by on January 4, 2016

I’m not going to lie… I was ready for the boys and Bain to make their way back to school and work today.  I had work to do.  I am doing a “detox” this January.  After all the fun foods and drinks from the holidays, it seemed appropriate.  Don’t worry its nothing goop serious but I am taking a few steps to TRY to be a little healthier this year.

  1. Starting my morning with hot water and lemon.  Many of you know that I love my coffee first thing in the morning but I keep reading about all of the benefits of beginning my day with hot water and lemon.  I mean who doesn’t want a little detox every morning??

2. Whole Foods Detox (Disclaimer… this is from last year and I never finished it)  I swear I’m WAY more motivated this year

2016-01-02 17.31.50-2

3. Not drinking on school nights… Well really this is Sunday through Wednesday and then only one of the other three days.  Going cold turkey seemed improbable.

4. Doing this with my friend Julie.  That way I’m responsible for my actions and she knows if I’m cheating or not!!


{this picture is from 2007… Amazing!!}

5. Juicing… I don’t know if its just mental but when I have a cold pressed juice I feel better.

6. Drink more WATER!!!

7. Keep up the exercising


So tell me what are you doing this year to get healthier??  I’d love to know!!


Dashing – xoxox


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