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Posted by on November 25, 2014

It always amazes me when you meet a family and they are all super talented.  From musicians to brilliant business people the whole deal always impresses me. Last year I did a post on Kristen Kluttz and her amazing portrait of our girl Artemis.  You can imagine how fun it was to learn that her sister Elizabeth is also a talented artist.  Elizabeth is owner of Saint Rooster.  A company that focuses on restoring pieces of furniture to new potential.  I was so excited to see her in action the other day.



Her Studio is a shared space with her mom (the first artist :))

Elizabeth was gracious enough to take some time out of her day and show me some of her past and current pieces.

I picked a few to show you, there were so many amazing commissioned pieces she was working on currently for clients.IMG_0308


Isn’t this dresser amazing?  It is her first piece that she did.  It is in her childhood room.  The crow is haunting against the light blue drawers.

I think it is enchanting.



This is a very cool coffee table and I love that she left the grain of the wood in the design of the flower.  It is very unique and cool.

It is available.


Here is Elizabeth hard at work.

She is painting these baby craddles for a lady that she met whose husband is battling cancer.

I asked Liz if she still has the availability to paint something by Christmas and she does so contact her right now and talk to her about what you want painted!!!

Here is her info:

Saint Rooster 

Elizabeth Martin


Etsy Shop

Many Thanks to Elizabeth for taking time out of her day to chat with me about her art.  It was a great way to spend a morning.

Dashing – xoxo


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