Funtastic Favors

Posted by on February 23, 2014

I love a little favor to give at the end of a party for guests.  This weekend I was proud to host the Junior League of Winston-Salem’s 2014-2015 board for our retreat.  I’m so honored to serve with each of these ladies next year.   Here is the favor that I gave to each of the ladies at the end of the retreat :

What it means is … 1) Tylenol — sometimes the work might give you a headache 2) Purell wipes — sometimes you are gonna get dirty 3) tiny bottle of wine — sometimes you might need a little drink 4) gum– you are going to talk to a lot of people 5) a ring pop — Most of the time the mission is going to sparkle and you are going to be in for a real treat!!!    Being on any board isn’t easy, it is always important to thank those that you work with continually and know that most days are amazing and the good work you are providing for your community will make a lasting positive difference.

I feel so lucky to consider the other fifteen women on the current board and the incoming board friends.  They are all exceptional women.

Dashing – xoxox


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