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My Kelley Cousins live all over the country.  So when we get together, it is a lot of bonding.  There are now five kiddos in the mix ranging from age eight to one.

 My family is amazing, I know everyone feels that way but when I am with them all the emails, blog posts, work, and volunteer work,  fade into the background and I try to live in the moment, knowing that we all won’t be together for at least another year.  The five of us (now parents… and awesome Aunts:)) from a young age were tight and have cultivated a relationship with the amazing support of our spouses (who partake in competitions on the beach and elsewhere… like a family run) so that our children will now only know the love and support that a great family has for one another.  

So sorry if I seem to be rambling on about family, but my heart is full of love and I just had to add one more post about our time in Colorado.


Dashing – xoxo

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