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Posted by on August 4, 2014

I know I have talked about St. Paul’s Preschool before.  But hear me out one more time.  I loved our time at the preschool.  My boys flourished and it is hard to believe that our time is over.  I did want to take a brief moment to let you know that there is still space available at the preschool for this coming fall.  If you are interested in registering, click here.


The following spaces are available as of Wednesday, July 2nd:

Infants: FULL

Toddlers: Monday – FULL

Tuesday – FULL

Wednesday – FULL

Thursday – Space Available

Friday – Space Available

2-yr-olds: Mon/Wed/Fri – 4 spaces

Tues/Thurs – 1 space

Wed/Fri – FULL

Mon/Tues/Thurs – 3 spaces

(4- & 5-day combinations are available)

3-yr-olds: FULL

Pre-K 4-yr-olds: Monday-Thursday (Friday optional) – Space Available

Readiness – Monday-Friday – Space Available

If the class you want is not available, you may be put on the waiting list without paying a registration fee. We will call you if space becomes available and you can register and pay at that point. So we encourage you to call or come by if you are willing to be on the waiting list if we don’t have what you want.

Tuition Rates for 2014/2015

1 day/week – $150/month

2 days/week – $190/month

3 days/week – $225/month

4 days/week (for Infants – 2’s) – $310/month

4 days/week (for 3’s & up) – $255/month

5 days/week (for Infants – 2’s) – $340/month

5 days/week (for 3’s & up) – $280/month

Readiness Class – 5 days/week – $300/month

my “strong man” Rand via St. Paul’s Preschool Facebook page


Call Judy Ingram, Director


with further questions about the preschool.

Dashing – xoxo



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    Jean Waugh
    August 5, 2014

    It has been 18 years since we were at St. Paul’s Preschool and I still remember sitting on the curb of the parking lot the last day while crying. It was really my first “milestone” with my children…no more children at St. Paul’s. It is a very special place…so many fun memories and so many great teachers, from Mrs. Pat with the babies, to Lou Creef and Bonnie Colhoun with the 2’s and 3’s to Mrs. Messenger with the 4’s, who was a little tougher, but got them ready for Kindergarten. Ms. Judy was a patient and kind leader for them all…my son still has his pillowcase (framed and hanging in his room) with all the handprints of his Readiness Class on it…several of which are still his best friends!

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