Dashing Fave … Cobblestone Farmers Market

Posted by on September 18, 2015

The other week Bain and Nelson scooted out early to go hunting and that left Rand and I to our own wandering.  My little bud and I took our Saturday by the horns and made our way down to Cobblestone Farmers Market at Old Salem.

Rand eating some delicious Gelato!


What is not to love about having a cup of coffee (or gelato if you are Rand :)) and pursuing the local booths filled with delicious juices, scrumptious vegetables or delicious pastries?  Rand and I had such a great time picking out our treasures for the morning.  We did need one more thing though… dessert for dinner.

Cobblestone Market


Nothing had really smacked us down for desert so we headed up Main Street in Old Salem and went to the Winkler Bakery.  It had not occurred to me that Rand hadn’t been to the bakery since he was a baby.  He was mesmerized.  We watched some baking happening, smelled the sugar cakes that were rising, and talked with Sister Deborah about all things baked at Old Salem.


We settled on an amazing pound cake for dessert that night.  Which everyone enjoyed.  It was drizzled with carmel icing, and the icing was so good it could have been eaten by itself.

Rand of course cozied right up to Sister Deborah and had some lovely cookies to take with him as we walked back on the cobblestones towards our car and the twenty-first century.

It was such a lovely treat to take Rand and step back into time right here in Winston-Salem.  I know for me as a mom, sometimes I think “Oh I don’t have time for us to spend the whole day to do whatever activity…” but isn’t it nice that Rand learned something and ate something delicious all in one Saturday morning.


We are so lucky to call Winston-Salem home.

Dashing – xoxox


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