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Posted by on April 8, 2014

The most exciting part of my job at Dovecote Decor has to be The High Point Furniture Market.  HPMKT is held twice a year.  We love to discover new and exciting furnishings and accessories.  We also get to chat with some of the most amazing and creative people in the industry.  It never gets old.  There are so many buildings and booths to look through some stunning and some not so much!  Enter Mitchell Black Home…


As I was walking through the Salon at Market Square,  I saw a ton of people circling around this really chic looking space.  Then getting closer, the smell of the candles became marvelous and peaked my interest.   I had stumbled upon Mitchell Black Home.    I had never heard of the company but the art were so intriguing to me that I walked right in.  I was amazed at what I discovered.  Their motto is “A new tradition for modern living”.  Wow!  Is it ever.  I love that these classical images are given such a fresh update from their vintage copper and silver plated etchings.  The company began in 2012 and if the crowd around the booth on Sunday was any indication, they are taking the company to new heights.






The company is broken into four parts, wall art, fine paper, table top, and fragrance.



Image via Mitchell Black Home Facebook Page

 I took a ton more photos but for some reason they are too big to download… ugh!!  Anyway Mitchell Black Home is all over the internet so discover them below.






Enjoy all the color (there are 17 for wall art!), Get excited about the fragrances (with scents like Grove and Hearth) delight in the tabletop, and by all means get your pen out to write on some of the most dapper paper I’ve ever seen!!

So much more to report on later!!

Dashing – xoxo

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    Dovecote Decor
    April 9, 2014

    High Point was fun Christine!! I must have been on my coffee break for that one!!
    See you soon,

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