Dashing Holiday Recipes… Amy Lawson

Posted by on December 2, 2013

Today, I’m excited to bring you the first of this week’s series… Dashing Holiday Recipes.
The holidays can be stressful,  hopefully these recipes can make your life a little easier.  Local foodies are sharing a recipe with  Dashing Readers.

Today’s recipe comes from Amy Lawson, of the local blog The Laws on Dinner . I featured her earlier this fall and adore her blog.  It is helping me and others organize our families dinners.

Holiday Bark aka Cracker Candy:40 saltine crackers
2 sticks butter
1 cup brown sugar
1-1 1/2 bags chocolate chips
1 bag bits o’ brackle (toffee pieces)

Line cookie sheet with tin foil and coat with nonstick spray.  Lay crackers in a single layer.  Melt sugar and butter over medium heat…stir constantly until foamy.  Pour sugar/butter mixture over crackers.  Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.  Let cool for one minute only.  Pour chocolate chips over crackers, and as they start to melt, spread into an even layer over crackers.  Sprinkle bits o’brackle over the top while chocolate chips are still warm.  Press lightly to make them stick.  Refrigerate for several hours or overnight.  Peel off tin foil and break candy into pieces.

NOTES:  I love to give this as Christmas gifts to friends and family!  The key to this is to have the crackers fit your pan.  A standard size cookie sheet works perfectly, but anything other than that may require a little tweaking, i.e. break crackers in half to make them fit.  Also, the “foaminess” of the sugar/butter is key to getting the right toffee consistency for the candy.   Happy Cooking!


Yum! Yum! Yum!  This recipe sounds so good!!  I can’t wait to try it!!  Many thanks to Amy, do check out her blog if you haven’t yet.

Dashing – xoxo


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