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Posted by on May 16, 2014

A little while back, my great friend Missy introduced me to a new company, Rocks and Ruffles. I mentioned it as one of my finds for Mother’s Day.  These bracelets are amazing by themselves or stacked.  Missy’s sister, Mary Lanier Stepp is the Director of Operations and was nice enough to answer a few questions for Dashing readers.


DTWS: How did Rocks and Ruffles Start?

MLS: Rocks & Ruffles started in November when Brooke’s mom requested a coin bracelet for Christmas.  Brooke knew she could possibly make one herself and she wanted to use some Euro’s that her dad had from when he lived in Brussels the year before.  And, the rest is history!  Brooke worked like crazy through the holidays and decided in January that she needed a helping hand.  Asking {me} Mary Lanier seemed like a perfect fit!  The two have been best friends since high school!  R&R’s now has a total of 4 employees, including Brooke Caudill (the owner) and Mary Lanier Stepp (director of operations).

DTWS:  These bracelets are so unique.  Where can readers buy them:


Greenville, SC
Monkee’s of the Westend
Paisley & Paper
Clemson, SC
Razzberrry Fizz
Raleigh, NC
Stuf n’ Such

DTWS:  How do y’all decide on the rocks and other pieces, such as coins, crosses, and other things?

MLS:  Most of our stones are bought in Atlanta and Brooke and I (with help from their moms and friends) generally go and pick out things they like.  We also try and pick colors that are popular for the current season.  Our best seller right now is the 3 cross bracelet which was an idea of Brooke’s life-long friend Staci…the bracelet should definitely be named “The Staci”.

DTWS: What are y’alls favorite bracelets?

MLS: Brooke’s favorite stones are smaller and neutral! She’s a pretty big fan of citrine.
I love everything as long as it can be stacked with about 5 bracelets at a time. The more the merrier!

DTWS:  How did you get the name Rocks and Ruffles?  What is the best part  of the job for both of you?

MLS: Rocks and Ruffles was named after Brooke’s childhood dog, Ruffles. Rocks of course came from the stones.
The job has worked perfectly for Brooke because she is a recent stay at home mom but is very business-minded! She was anxious to do something and has loved being back in the work               force…but on her own terms!
I love fashion, so this has been a perfect fit. And, who better to work for than your best friend!


Rocks and Ruffles is Social :




Rocks and Ruffles will be in Winston-Salem at a


at the Home of Missy Butler

1 – 5 pm

email: rocksandruffles@gmail.com for more info.

***Also, at Missy’s home will be the New to You Consignment Sale.***

Many Thanks to Mary Lanier for taking the time to answer all of my questions!!

Dashing – xoxo

Photography via Jami Huguet


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