Dashing Day Job — Going to the Bienenstock Furniture Library

Posted by on January 15, 2014

I have told y’all about my day job from time to time.  I’m going to start calling these posts Dashing Day Job.  Most of these posts will deal with the furniture and design industry in some way.  In the past I have written about fabulous book signings, High Point Furniture Market, and Fabric Fair.  Living in Winston-Salem, we should have great pride in the thousand upon thousand of jobs that are here in the Triad because of the Furniture Industry.  I hope to highlight some of the amazing people, places, and designs that I see.

So onto the Bernice Bienenstock Furniture Library in High Point.   As stated on their website, “is a center for design, research and collaboration. It is a world-class research facility for information on design, furniture, interiors, architecture, textiles, finishes and construction.”  Last Tuesday, Liz and I hoped into the car to purchase some books from the Library.  I was excited because Liz had already told me about the library and gotten me an AMAZING book on Tony Duquette.

So we met Karla Webb, the Library Director, and she let us in the back garage to look through design books to purchase, half are $5 and the other are $10.  That’s right $5 and $10.  Crazy Right??

Let me say that the garage isn’t heated and the high that day was like 8 Liz and I had to go prepared for the elements.  As you can see Liz looks fabulous even in 8 degree weather. 

One of the bookshelves full of books for sale

Above are some of the fabulous books that Liz picked to take home
This is the book that Liz found for me last Tuesday.  I have just started to read it but I love always learning about different topics.  I know near nothing about American Presentation Silver.
Anywhoo, we had lunch at the amazing Sumela and then it was back to Winston-Salem in time to pick up Rand at preschool.  What a morning!  It was so much fun and I love learning a little something new.  What a great way to start back to work after the holidays.
Dashing – xoxo


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