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Hello Followers!  Long time no blog…

Well I have been blogging just on the Tumblr, format.  Don’t know what Tumblr is?  It is a micro-blog. It is suppose to be an easier way to blog.

So please check out my latest blog post via Tumblr,

I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to bring it back to blogger, so give me your thoughts!

I’d love to hear from you.

Here is the post :

Happy Friday everyone!  I love looking at new sites and finding spots where I can shop.  So here are my two new favs I’ve been telling friends about.
First, Country Club Prep : Their commentary about each product is so witty.  I wish I could write product description like these folks.  Here is a an example:
If you can’t read that small type like me these adorable shorts from Coast are described as : 
We thought long and hard about the best way to do these fabulous shorts justice with mere words alone. In the end, here’s the thing – the shorts have a discrete pocket lined with a fully functioning neoprene koozie designed to keep your beverage cold. If that doesn’t sell you, then nothing we’re going to write here will. Yes, they’re incredibly comfortable, are loaded with utility pockets, are made of quick drying material, and look fantastic. But, you deserve more than that, don’t you? With Coast’s Angler Shorts, you get more. We already bought 4 pairs. Buy yours before we get the rest.”
That is fabulous commentary!  Kuddos to the folks at Country Club Prep.  The site has ladies and kids as well.  They have thought of everything.  Plus if you order by 5pm, it ships out the same day.  Glorious!!!
Moving on….
On to the Second Site : I am currently loving is Social Primer, part blog, part bow tie website, part fabulous living this site has the complete package.  Started by K. Cooper Ray,  his bio made me feel like I needed to take a nap with all he has done so far in his life.  Currently he has a collection of bow ties through major retailer Brooks Brothers as well as his own bow ties.  

His blog is a must read for any Southern or person who aspires to live the southern lifestyle. Also, you get to see the jet setting lifestyle Cooper lives you get an inside peek at parties, charity events, and such.  Advice about clothing, manners, and such makes  Social Primer a must read.

Happy Weekend, it has been raining here in the Dash for the better part of three weeks now and we are all a little tired of it! Which is probably why I have been shopping online so much. Here’s to the hope of a Sunny Day.
Dashing – xoxo


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