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Design Find — The Land of Nod’s adjustable tables

I came home to a stack of catalogs tonight that are suppose to prepare the kids for school… EEKKK they start in a WEEK!!  More on that later this week.  As I was flipping thorough The Land of Nod‘s catalog I found their adjustable tables.

Whoa… this is a game changer.  As someone who has bought the train table, the toddler table and is now contemplating the desk it would have been fantastic if I could have bought a high quality table that would have grown along with my boys with the quick help of a screwdriver.

The Land of Nod’s 23″ Extracurricular Play Table in Grey

The Land of Nod’s Kids Wheat Adjustable Height Everlasting Play Table

The Mojo Table is my fave and it’s on sale!!

The Land of Nod’s Kids Adjustable Mojo Play Table


Maybe they have been around for a long time and I’m just late to the party, but I had to share these cute stylish tables with you all because I think they are fantastic and there are so many design options!!

 Enjoy this last week of summer!

Dashing – xoxxo

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